Get excited: A special Super Smash Bros. Direct is headed our way

A Nintendo Direct focusing on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is on its way: on April 8, at 3:00pm PT, prepare for some news on the two highly anticipated installments in the beloved franchise.

This is definitely something to get excited about. I mean, like the Pokemon X and Y Direct and the Wonderful 101 Direct that came before, this is an entire Nintendo Direct dedicated to just two games. Two games that are arguably more anticipated by fans than Pokemon or The Wonderful 101. According to the official Nintendo Direct site, the Smash Bros. special will reveal new details about the two games. And if tradition holds, the broadcast will be around 20 minutes long. A lot can be revealed in 20 minutes. What are you hoping for out of the upcoming Direct?

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  1. Aren’t Directs usually 30 minutes long? That’s 10 more minutes of news…or just fluff time for Iwata to get all his words out. (I jest, I love Iwata’s desire to speak actual English for the English directs and it isn’t as bad as it used to be.)

  2. I just quickly looked at the times for the W101 and Pokemon Directs, and they were both right around 20 minutes. Probably because they’re dedicated broadcasts.

  3. Oh, I didn’t realize that. Guess you’re right then, lol. To be fair, I missed both of those directs.

  4. The Wonderful 101 Direct was good. That’s where that 7 minute director’s cut trailer debuted. It was epic.

  5. My number one hope is a release date, followed closely by details like My Music and such. Of course, I’m beyond hyped for any newcomer reveals.

  6. Hopefully they don’t announce they’re cutting anyone. I can’t lose Ness or Yoshi or Jigglypuff…

  7. They may announce a final name for the game besides just callling it super smash bros U or 3DS. A release date would also be awesome. What I don’t want and what Nintendo can’t afford to do and I really dread will happen, is if Iwata does his fameous : “Due to extra developement time needed for Mr. Sakurai, Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS will be delayed until next year. He promises it will be the best yet in the series. Please understand. “

  8. They wouldn’t have a whole direct just to announce a delay.

  9. Will there be cross-platform multi player for these games?

  10. Well, here’s hoping the game comes out this year. Not to sound too negative here, but this is Nintendo we are talking about. Remember we were expecting Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze to come out in December right after Mario 3D World last year wnd what happened? they delayed it.

  11. Don’t get me wrong, I will get smash bros whenever it comes out, but Nintendo absolutely has to have smash bros come out this year. What else do we have to look forward to other than Mario Kart 8 and that? Not trying to be a downer, but they did delay smash bros brawl for Wii adn I know Nintedno too well. I am expecting to be let down about hearing that the game will be delayed until next year.

  12. I think that given Nintendo’s fairly decent Christmas lineup, we’ll be seeing Smash sooner than most people think.

  13. Nintendo would be wise to release smash bors this year. Otherwise if they wait too long, people will lose interest and say Smash Bros ? Whatever, Moving on.

  14. I’m actually very excited to see what this Direct will bring. I just turned 24 and have been fading away from Nintendo (video games in general) for some time. Smash Bros. was one of my favorite games in my child & teen years, and I feel the excitement growing in me again! I’m expecting a release date (or at least the quarter it falls in), and some off-the-wall details like random new items or play modes. Set my alarm for this one!

  15. No release date, but we’ll get a release window.

  16. Well, I can say Nintendo just made another Wii U misstep. The Wii U is hurting (badly) and NEEDED Smash Bros BEFOFE the 3DS, so they did the opposite. Those release windows should be switched.

  17. RisnDevil – I’m sorry, but you’re still not getting it. Even Nintendo sees the Wii U as an investment failure, and obviously poured more resources into the 3DS version, because it will sell more. It’s a business decision. An easy one at that.

    It’s what I’ve been saying since this piece of crap launched – it’s a bad console and people aren’t going to develop for it. Now, even Nintendo is on that list.

    What everyone seems to ignore is that the 3DS is also hurting. It’s nowhere even close to the DS in sales, so it also needs help. Nintendo is making the right call here. I plan on buying the 3DS version at launch.

    But since everyone will be getting the 3DS version perhaps 6 months before the Wii U version, I can’t imagine this game selling a ton of Wii U’s. Again, the console is doomed, and so should be Iwata.

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