Final Fantasy IV Sequel being ported to the Wii

Silconera has dug up some juicy information regarding a sequel to the ever so popular Final Fantasy IV, and found out that the [ESRB] has reviewed and rated the game for release in the US. Which is interesting since I thought that Square-Enix was against releasing their “Cell Phone” games over here, but since we all know that the Wii prints out cash for whoever develops for it and we all know that Square-Enix likes cashing out on their games this move was a no brainer.

Since Final Fantasy IV: The After Years was originally a two dimensional cellphone based game, I am hoping that square up ports it slightly with better graphics and audio, as it will probably be an exclusive WiiWare title. As a weary Final Fantasy fan tired of “crummy” sequels from the Final Fantasy VII series, I hope they actually put some thought into this one. Even if it is set 17-20 years after the events of the first game, Square-Enix doesn’t have the best track record for adding additional story to their games. Yet… I still can’t help wondering what happened to Cecil and his crew…

[Via Silconera]

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