Epic Games still whining about ‘Wii dominance’


baby-crying-jpgOh, Mark. Come now. Games with color and some silliness now and then aren’t going to make your balls shrivel up and die. Live a little!

Regardless, it’s the horsepower fallacy all over again. Wii’s motion controls are kiddie and weak, and once the “powerful” Natal arrives (with Sony’s still unnamed “Motion Controller” licking at its heels for hypothetical sloppy seconds), the game is over for Nintendo. Hell, the media isn’t talking about Nintendo anymore—it’s all “what will 2010 bring with these masterful motion control strokes from MS and Sony?!” Meanwhile, price, release date and software are about as vaporware as they come (kind of like the Vitality Sensor, actually).

And we all heard the same thing when Killzone 2, et al, was supposed to arrive. And LittleBigPlanet. The song is getting beyond old, just as many of you have complained that my biased pro-Nintendo rants are predictable. And yet, oh well, here both sides are, continuing to peddle their wares.

But back to being serious. I’m sure everything’s fine in “core gaming land.” I mean, how else to explain the raised $70 price point for Modern Warfare 2 than… oh wait… maybe that’s a bad example. Perhaps 2009 NPD software sales numbers will show that $100 million development budgets and shooting games are just peachy keen… hrmm… OK, core gamers, I’ll get back to you with something positive soon. I promise. Meanwhile, Wii Sports Resort is ascendant.


  1. For once, I actually laughed at one of your articles. Usually your opinion is a little strong for my taste, but I kinda have to agree with you on this one.

  2. i got to say something about natal from the videos your most likely to kick something and knock over stuff in your house than with something in your hand, like the wii theres a lot of wii accidents but at least your not kicking at a tv or swinging at the tv with nothing in your hands you dont know where the hell to swing at you get closer to your tv until its in the floor and im pretty sure its going to be pricey considering the technology going into it they may sell it cheaper but it will cost around 1,000$ or more to make it they may sell it for 200 so there going to lose money for a while and anything 100 and above is discouraging to most people buying gaming systems, and this is basically an accessory. with natal elderly people can’t play handicap people won’t be able to play. I just don’t see this working I know it sounds one side because I’m a nintendo fan but still think about it. You actually have to walk in front of this camera device joystick is better any day of the week for elderly people ,people in wheel chairs and fat people like me.

  3. I completely agree with ?. Natal is an amazing piece of technology, there’s no doubting that. But this is an entertainment industry. What matters is, can Natal be used to make games more entertaining, and personally I don’t see it. It’s going to be expensive, there’s going to be interference issues (if the camera is as sensitive as they claim), and I’m at a loss as to how I would even make my character walk forward in this without it being impractical. If they can pull it off, then kudos to them, but I doubt it.

  4. Natal is going to have about as much impact on the world as the Surface table. Meaning none at all.

    “Serious gamers” hate arm-waving, remember?

    Just more “Hey look, we can do cool stuff too!” from Microsoft without any tangible results.

  5. @Andrew – Thanks? 🙂

  6. Wow, dare I say, Epic fail? In all seriousness his quotes sounded like a rage fueled fourteen year old fan boy who’s one two punch attempt completely missed it’s target.
    I really don’t want a camera with facial recognition, motion recognition, and voice recognition watching me live my life. I do things in front of my TV no one should see, not even digital boy, what’s his name, Milo?

  7. @chris_wing: You have to check out the latest Infendo post. I actually missed a juicy quote here that needed its own post.

  8. Natal is never going to happen… There is no market for it! Can’t play Halo Reach with it…

  9. @InivisibleMan

    I disagree. I do think that Natal is going to happen (when I have no idea, but I do think it’s going to come out). What I see happening is that it will come out (priced about 149.99), and it will have a really good game that comes with it. For the first month or two, everyone is going to go all nuts over it, talking about it replacing the Wii, redefining games, etc…
    But after about 5 weeks, the talk is going to quickly die down, and for the most part that is going to be the last we hear about it. I don’t see any 3rd party putting more than just a token of effort into this project, and even Microsoft is going to find out that you can’t sell motion control as a quick add-on and make a profit.
    Within 3 months of release, I would wager that the same people who initially slammed the Wii, then became huge fans of motion plus when Natal was announced, will return to their Wii / motion plus whining.

  10. There is no reason NATEL needs to be expensive. It’s a 10 cent microphone, a $5 camera, and maybe a $10 infrared camera, some wires and plastic. And that’s the high end of a cost estimate. The true technology is in the software, not the hardware. So they are going to look to move as many as possible, to recoup the development costs.

    Hardware won’t cost them more than $20, I see them selling it for no more than $75 with a game, probably ripping off Wii Sports in as many ways as it can, in a desperate attempt to grab the casual market. And they will have marginal success.

  11. why do you continue to taunt core gamers? (a demographic I thought you said didn’t exist, or at least if it did, includes users of EA sports active… which is pretty much saying the same thing)

    we’re pretty happy with a whole lot of our core games. so the casual stuff sells better- i can’t say I care about the sales figures beyond my own investments in the industry. i don’t know why anybody really would. although I am somewhat bemused by what others chose for entertainment- like the people who thought ‘Friends’ was funny. i barely consider some of it gaming, and some of it i definately consider “not gaming”, but so what? that just means the wii is not for me.

    of course my question was rhetorical. a good time ago i noticed how you aggresively went after Sony. You responded that, now that Nintendo’s on top, it’s your turn to, well, act childishly triumphant. As if the game market has anything to do with you or your preferences. (although it apparently seems to validate them)

    but heck, you got another page view out of me- and even a comment! maybe that’s just because I felt like I was reading this site before you injected your brand of negativism, starting with an anti-gears of war article. or maybe it’s just a slow day at work and i’m finally getting around to sites with too many articles that seem more designed to instigate than inspire (you know, fox news, rush limbaugh, anything by ann coulter)

    trust me jack, things are going very nicely in core gaming land. why it’s necessary to taunt those who are going to have to pay more for their chosen entertainment, i haven’t a clue. maybe concern that your own conduit to core gaming fizzled? (sry- couldn’t help it- but tell me more about its long sales tail pls). i plan to just wait for a COD price drop.

    truthfully, I was concerned about the market shrinking with the wii’s popularity. But the last year has been very very good to us.

    just don’t hate us ’cause we’re happy.

  12. I find it funny that third parties who say they are just fine without any games on Wii continue to whine about it winning the “Console War.” They must be worried about having to work with MS’s EyeToy or the Camera Wand, two things they’ve been attempting marginalize for years.

  13. I am guessing that Microsoft will sell Natal for $99, plenty of profit and still at a mass market price.

  14. @FUZZ and Josh

    I don’t think it is going to be that cheap. An HD camera (think now, why use a standard $5 webcam on a HD console) and those HD “depth” cameras – being infrared or not – will be expensive. One thing is use a component common to hundreds of other devices (such as the accelerometers, that your cell phone may very well have). Another thing is to use specifically developed components, that are not widespread (at least, so far). My guess is that it will be between $100 and $150, but I would not expect a large profit on it…