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Nintendo Extends Eternal Darkness Trademark

Nintendo has once again extended its trademark for the game Eternal Darkness, which was originally developed by Silicon Knights in 2002. This is the fifth time since the mid-2000s that the trademark for the popular psychological survival horror  game has been

‘Era of HD gaming’ fallacy exposed by… Epic Games?!

More from than wonderful Epic Games Mark Rein interview, where he’s been lofting anti-core quotes high into the air in such a way that they glide gently back to earth like falling snow. Truly, for such a slow news day

Epic Games still whining about ‘Wii dominance’

Oh, Mark. Come now. Games with color and some silliness now and then aren’t going to make your balls shrivel up and die. Live a little! Regardless, it’s the horsepower fallacy all over again. Wii’s motion controls are kiddie and