‘Era of HD gaming’ fallacy exposed by… Epic Games?!

headshot11843448201More from than wonderful Epic Games Mark Rein interview, where he’s been lofting anti-core quotes high into the air in such a way that they glide gently back to earth like falling snow. Truly, for such a slow news day it sure feels like a glorious Christmas in July to me right now:

“Over half the users who played Gears of War 2 so far do not have HDTVs.”

That popping sound you hear, dear readers, is not a bevy of well-placed headshots—but it’s very similar. Nay, what you hear popping in your ears this fine afternoon are core gamers’ heads exploding as the frail stack of cards they built up over the past five years comes crumbling down.

Or it’s some amateur archers nailing a few crucial melon-smashing bonus points in the upcoming game of the year Wii Sports Resort. Your choice.