‘Era of HD gaming’ fallacy exposed by… Epic Games?!

headshot11843448201More from than wonderful Epic Games Mark Rein interview, where he’s been lofting anti-core quotes high into the air in such a way that they glide gently back to earth like falling snow. Truly, for such a slow news day it sure feels like a glorious Christmas in July to me right now:

“Over half the users who played Gears of War 2 so far do not have HDTVs.”

That popping sound you hear, dear readers, is not a bevy of well-placed headshots—but it’s very similar. Nay, what you hear popping in your ears this fine afternoon are core gamers’ heads exploding as the frail stack of cards they built up over the past five years comes crumbling down.

Or it’s some amateur archers nailing a few crucial melon-smashing bonus points in the upcoming game of the year Wii Sports Resort. Your choice.


  1. You mean this whole time we could have been playing Gears of War 2 on the Wii, if Epic had not opted for HD-only graphics?!?

  2. Not at all. I don’t think the Wii has enough memory to hold and play all of that gawd awful voice acting.

  3. Hey stopping ripping gears. Its not the game but the an employee at epic ripping the wii. Gears of War is arguably one of the best shooters outs. Yes it does have its flaws like every other shooter but its the only shooter that interest me. Most all fps are the same and not to mention the genre is really worn out.

  4. @garyaga: I can rip Gears just as freely as you can defend it. In either case, it’s just an opinion.

  5. It must be just a slow time for news at infendo head quarters. How come you guys arent previewing [Wii] Muramasa: The Demon Blade. i think its an underated wii game that no one is talking about.

  6. It’s not a slow time garyaga…this is type of article is par the course here. They spend as much time whining about the “HD/Hardcore” whiners as those people whine about the Wii/Non-HD stuff. Both sides build up their own sand castles to knock over, so in the end I could care less. I enjoy both and the fanboys on both sides can keep getting their panties in a wad.

  7. @ResidentialEvil: At yet here you are, again, to remind us all of the fact. For such terrible writing and content, you sure do come back again and again for more!

  8. This site misses rollin sometimes. He was a bit of an ass about his opinion but he was unbiased. Jack i meant know harm but you’re just a little to defensive. The comments section is for opinions I had one you didnt like it and now you’re flapping off at people like they’re threatening to kill. Sorry for having opinion buddy.

  9. You don’t really… understand game visuals, do you? Games like Gears (or mostly any other 360/Ps3 game) benefit from the capability of much, MUCH higher polygon models, greater draw distance, improved particle effects, more characters and action on screen at once (thats a big one), and countless other perks given to a powerhouse console….and get this… they still reap those benefits when not played on an HDTV (Shocking!). Sure, it won’t look silk smooth, but that by no means indicates that it looks bad.

    The “house of cards” isn’t coming down. You just don’t really know what you’re talking about.

    I’m not a Wii hater, I own one. I’m just pointing out that the TV is actually a small factor of what makes the powerhouse consoles a positive thing.

  10. “Your choice.”

    Actually, I will enjoy BOTH the great Hardcore games on the 360 such as Halo, GOW, Mass Effect, Fable ,COD and ALSO enjoy the Wii sports, Zelda, Mario game son the Wii.

    No reason to choose if you have both systems.
    No reason to bash the Hardcore HD games
    No reason to bash the soft core non HD games either.

    Just play games and have fun, pretty simple .

  11. “No reason to choose if you have both systems.”

    I find it hilarious that people think this is the norm for gamers. I can’t afford $900 in additional consoles and $400 in additional Online services/Accessories/Harddrives before I even play one game. Not that many people can or do.

  12. im sick of gamers who say that theyre hardcore. it proves that they are immature gamers who only care about HD graphics. who cares if its fun!? as long as the blood splatter looks nice and i can feel manly and grunt about it! it sucks for the great core games on the wii. they’re all worth playing but their audience not intrested. when wii first came out, i figured there be alot of great FPS’s that used the pointer because its a whole lot easier to aim than the dual analog style, oops! i was wrong! before controls, a FPS’s has to look good so nerds can bragg about textures, and particle effects! cant have a shooter without particle effects! sorry about the long rant…. just gamers who have to be hardcore piss me off. the wii a great piece of tech, but since it doesnt have hi specs, its not worth a devs time in that dousche bag mark from epic says

  13. I don’t think the question should be be, “If not for the HD, COULD they have fit Gears of War 2 on the Wii?”
    It should be, “Who would care? Why would you want to play it anyway?” The terrible voice acting, the ridiculously overly-muscle slabs of beef that pass as characters, the questionable man love, and the depths that Cliffy B’s head is shoved up his own ass all amount to bad times at Ridgemont High.

  14. “I find it hilarious that people think this is the norm for gamers. I can’t afford $900 in additional consoles and $400 in additional Online services/Accessories/Harddrives before I even play one game. Not that many people can or do.”

    I find it much more hilarious that you THINK that you would have to spend $ 1, 300 for “ADDITIONAL consoles and services” to own another console. Where do you live that it would possibly cost anywhere NEAR that ridiculous,fabricated amount?
    X-box 360 arcade comes with not one but 2 games, is only 199.99 and usually comes with a trial of free X-box live gold… so… where is the other TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS you mentioned going ” Before I can even play one game???

  15. Mr. Cranky, your first few sentences in the last post make it obvious that you are losing touch with reality. I’m not even going to go into details because of the absurdity of your statements, but you’ve made it clear that you really have a bias agenda and you argue based on whatever you make up in your head that fits your argument, and not by how things actually are. Grow up dude, seriously.

  16. I’d be more interesting in reading about solid news/reviews related to Nintendo rather than this sort of gossip.

    Just my 2 cents.

  17. nothing wrong with ranting about stuff mr.fizzle. thats what the comments section for! being as unresonable as i can!…..because nobody knows me 🙂