LucasArts flip-flops on Wii MotionPlus hate, 1:1 lightsaber game in 2009

Like any good little (and intelligent) publisher, LucasArts has apparently “changed its mind” about Nintendo’s recently unveiled MotionPlus 1:1 motion controls accessory, and now has a game in the works that will implement the technology.

If you’ll remember, LucasArts was one of the more vocal publishers in the wake of Nintendo’s E3 announcement, with one anonymous developer telling Game Informer that “LucasArts in particular wasn’t happy at being kept in the dark, especially since it created Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels specifically for the console.”

I had no idea LucasArts had the exclusive rights to swordfighting games, but I do now, and I’m glad this is all cleared up. The inevitable port, downsized from their Xbox and PS3 development platforms, will be a welcome addition to the Wii lineup, I’m sure. Too cynical of me? Fine. LA, prove me wrong.