Iwata: MotionPlus will be “affordable,” no more accessories planned

Worried about accessory overload and expensive Wii MotionPlus add-ons? Don’t be, says Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, because the accessory deluge is over for Nintendo (for now), and MotionPlus will be “very affordable.”

Now, we should expect nothing less from the head of a gaming company, as far as spin goes, but nevertheless Iwata was at the very least out front addressing an issue that is no doubt on the minds of many Wii owners today.

My guess is that MotionPlus weighs in at the $15-20 mark, with my fantasy weak knees guess being $9.99. I think the average owner will have two; one with Wii Sports Resort, and a second to play that game 2-player. I’ve seen little in Resort that would lead me to believe there’s a compelling reason to own four just yet. Alternatively, I would have been fine with Nintendo not releasing the Wiimote condoms last year. They could have used the savings to reduce the MotionPlus price even more (especially now that they’ll have new “Magnum” sized covers for the Wiimote+MotionPlus combo).

These are just my thoughts, however. Anyone agree with my completely made-up, arbitrary $15-20 ($10) price?