Conduit 2 announced for Wii, to be published by Sega


425Second time’s the charm? Kind of baffling, really, but maybe they’ll have the same kind of sequel semi-success that Ubisoft had with Red Steel 2. [Image, source both]


  1. sequel semi-success that Red Steel 2 had? It’s been out for, what? A week? Where are the sales numbers?

  2. I never finished the campaign in this game. I played the multiplayer for about a month. It was fun while I played but theres just to many better shooters out there. I might finish the campaign later today just to see the ending. Other than that I cant see myself getting to excited over this one. I will wait for it to lose value and get it used.

  3. They are obviously just trying to get some of their money’s worth out of the engine.

  4. Right there with you Gojiguy. Maybe Semi-success means reviewed well. Good sales would make it a full success?
    Dunno. I intend to get RS2, so it WAS successful in my world.

    Anyway, maybe Conduit 2 will fare better than Conduit 1. It’ll be neat to see how things progress now that the IGN hype machine that was behind the first has dissolved.

  5. i actually liked the first one and will pick this up when it comes out.

  6. “Right there with you Gojiguy. Maybe Semi-success means reviewed well.”

    Right. That’s all I meant. No spin or anything, as I too have yet to see any sales numbers. Also, there was interest from attendees at PAX East for Ubisoft’s big booth, featuring RS2.

  7. It’s actually a good sign to me. The first one wasn’t horrible, just average and they shot themselves in the foot by self hyping it so much. They really messed up to me by hyping the visuals, when they turned out to be a mixed bag; some areas great, other areas downright awful. But I did think they got online play right, something the Wii needed.

    Still, it’s good that they are going to try again and not throw in the towell, because with the Wii we’ve seen some companies throw crap out there and when it doesn’t do well they complain the Wii doesn’t support “that type of game”. With this and Red Steel 2, at least the company is giving it another shot and by this action at least a little bit admitting blame by not making the first title you know….good.

  8. I agree the first was overhyped, but it wasn’t a bad shooter. I picked it up from Newegg for $15, so you won’t catch me complaining. When part two hits the $15 plateau (say after about four months), I’ll probably buy it, too.