My Zelda is __________ this big!!!


Nintendo PR folk are calling Zelda: Skyward Sword their biggest video game project ever. Some 50-100 hours of gameplay, according to Miyamoto.

Here’s hoping the majority of it will deliver, and keep the masses engaged for more than the paltry 10% effort they usually put into these things. (wink, wink)


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  2. isn’t this old news? like a few weeks old?

  3. Why does everyone infendo posts old news? You guys take forever to publish things… This is the stupidest fansite I have ever been on. It should be deleted. Not only do you never post, but every post manages to throw in some Nintendo bashing, on a Nintendo fansite. It’s quite annoying. No wonder it’s one of the less popular Nintendo sites on the web.

  4. Cant wait. Just remember, They said Twilight Princess was 70 hours long, about half of what people really used to beat the game.

  5. @liljes
    And yet you come here to post that? Honestly YOU should be deleted. 😉 …Golden Rule, boy.

    Instead of whining about it, how about you send TIPS to them. You honestly think that most Nitnendo fansites get ALL THEIR NEWS on their own?? Psh, it’s the readers and followers that send them tips and articles! 😛 Even gaming magazines do that… heck, even publishers and developers have no idea what’s going on in the outside world that relates to their work without a fan sending them the information.

  6. @Liljes Woah, that went a little too far their. It’s true that Infendo hasn’t been… the best lately, but they have honestly been doing better. Blake doesn’t exclusively write doom-gloom like he used too, and it’s pretty much been better than their posts during the “3DS Dark Ages” as it shall now be called.

  7. Am I the only one who doubts this game will really be anywhere near 100 hours long? It’d be awesome if true, but Nintendo have boasted about EVERY new game being the biggest or the most epic or whatever. But best to give them the benefit of the doubt for a while.

  8. @Nin3DS
    I think you might be mixing up a few different companies on those boasts… a lot of boasts have been flying around from other companies lately…
    But Nintendo has boasted a few things, like Ocarina of Time 3DS being the definitive version – which no one has yet to prove wrong (review scores don’t count when you’re re-releasing/polishing an old game). — I just don’t think they’ve boasted as much as many people think they have.

  9. That’s what they said about Twilight Princess few years ago. And Twilight Princess was huge and long.

    But I have to say, that’s I’m a bit puzzled by the 50 or 100 hours, that’s quite a wide gap really !

    50 hours that would be great, but that’s not the same as a 100 hours game.

    So I hope it’s closer to 100 hours 🙂

    Let say we split… 75 hours for a Zelda game ? Where do I have to sign ???

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