3DS Majoras Mask?

3DS Majoras Mask?

Leading up to the Nintendo 3DS presentation, rumors are still buzzing about a possible release of Majora’s Mask for the 3DS.  The rumors were buzzing that the Wii U would host the game, however it was AWOL from the presentation.  Now the internets are abuzz that Majora’s Mask might actually be a Nintendo 3DS title.


Now we have all been tricked by fake trailers before, myself included, so I am not sure that this is real at all.  I will admit that, if this is a fake, the creator has captured the hearts of Zelda fans everywhere!  In my opinion, this game makes sense for the 3DS.  Many have stated that Majora’s Mask was scary, creepy, and still one of their favorites.

I think that the 3DS could use the third dimension as well as augmented reality to play off of the player’s childhood memories of the game.  It would also make sense from a marketing perspective.  Obviously Zelda fans would line up to get their hands on the title, but the game could also be released sooner since the 3DS is readily available.  It would also help to bring more attention to the 3DS, including increased sales of the unit itself.  With a title such as Majora’s Mask released on the 3DS, those that have been putting off the purchase of the handheld are sure to pick one up.

In the end, my hopes are that Majora’s Mask will be announced tonight during the 3DS presentation at E3 (6PM PDT, 9PM EDT).  However, if it is not, I still have hope that Operation Moonfall will come through for us.  What are your thoughts on the trailer, is it real or fake?  What makes you think it is real or fake?









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  1. It’s fake because it’s simply too good to be true. It would be better than all the Wii U games that they actually showed (though I’m pretty stoked for New Super Mario Bros. U).

    It would make total sense for them to remake Majora’s Mask on 3DS, though. They were able to make the original Majora’s Mask faster by using assets from Ocarina of Time, so they could do the same thing using the game engine and assets from Ocarina of Time 3D. Nintendo wouldn’t even have to ‘waste their time’ making it either; they could have the same studio that did Ocarina of Time 3D do the same exact thing for Majora’s Mask that they did for Ocarina of Time.

  2. Of course the internet is speculating! We’re excited! But, if Nintendo had a 3DS game that awesome to announce, they wou have done so at the press conference. I have a feeling this exclusive 3DS net conference tonight will be a big disappointment…

  3. Good god, please no.

  4. I want this sooooo much! I hope they announce it tonight. The trailer is fake, but it’s gotten me really excited to see a true reveal of my favorite childhood game remastered for the 3DS!

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