Activision leak: Guitar Hero 4 priced, Spider-Man Wii to use balance board?

activisionleak.jpgJoystiq yesterday posted several new details on major upcoming Activision titles, based on information from an Intellisponse survey leaked on the popular NeoGAF gaming forum.

The juiciest details concern Guitar Hero: World Tour, which the survey states will be priced at $180 on all current-gen platforms, Wii included, and feature music from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, System of a Down, Ozzy Osbourne, Interpol, Muse and “dozens more.”

Most compelling, however, are details about the game’s new “touch-sensitive” guitar. According to the survey, Guitar Hero: World Tour will utilize an “all new wireless guitar controller with the first-ever touch-sensitive neck slide,” apparently allowing for a more authentic guitar-playing experience than can be provided by mere buttons.

The survey also revealed an as-yet-unnamed Spider-Man title for Wii will use the balance board. From the survey:

“…Climb atop your Wii Fit Board to control Spider-Man’s acrobatic abilities like never before. Lean one way or the other to send Spider-Man soaring in the air. Jump as high as you can to propel Spider-Man off Manhattan’s tallest rooftops. Hop quickly to help Spidey climb walls and get a vertical advantage over his enemies. Stop your feet to kick and cartwheel foes in the city’s darkest alleys…”

In the last bits of Wii news in an otherwise 360-focused survey, a separate multi-platform Spider-Man game was also revealed. In Spider-Man vs. Marvel Zombies, as the title suggests, players control Spider-Man in a battle against zombified Marvel characters. The new Ultimate Band Wii trailer Blake posted earlier also emerged from this leak, and interestingly, a Tony Hawk game supporting a new balance board peripheral was revealed for 360 and PS3, but not Wii.

Also, beginning this holiday, Microsoft will offer an “Avatar” service to Xbox LIVE members allowing them to customize a miniature version of themselves, Nintendo-related only in how much of a rip-off it is.


Each of these tidbits, of course, should be considered a “rumor” until Activision confirms. It seems the E3 information leaks have begun.