Guitar Hero 4

Rock Band 2 Wii compatible with Guitar Hero World Tour instuments

IGN’s recent preview has confirmed that all Guitar Hero World Tour peripherals (guitar, drums, mic) are fully compatible with the final copy of Rock Band 2 for the Wii. …We were also very pleased to find that peripherals for both Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero World Tour worked with Rock Band 2… …Red Octane’s Guitar Hero: World Tour instruments worked like a charm, s...

Activision considering DLC subscriptions for Guitar Hero World Tour

More talk of possible ways to milk every penny out of Guitar Hero owners was discussed at a recent Activision-Blizzard analyst event. One such idea is a subscription service for the upcoming entry in the Guitar Hero franchise. Looking even further out, we’re exploring new models, like an annual pass subscription where players can subscribe and get a certain number of songs downloadable each ...

Activision leak: Guitar Hero 4 priced, Spider-Man Wii to use balance board?

Joystiq yesterday posted several new details on major upcoming Activision titles, based on information from an Intellisponse survey leaked on the popular NeoGAF gaming forum. The juiciest details concern Guitar Hero: World Tour, which the survey states will be priced at $180 on all current-gen platforms, Wii included, and feature music from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Foo Fighters, Sm...

GameStop Guitar Hero World Tour placeholder appears

I guess it’s Guitar Hero World Tour week here at Infendo. Preliminary pricing for Wii is in the poorly copied image above. Placeholder date is 10/27/08. Just in time for Halloween. What do you guys and gals think of a $190 price tag?

GHIV: New Guitar changes leaked?

In conjunction with today’s press release the official website for the upcoming Guitar Hero: World Tour was launched. Visual details surrounding the “changes” to the Guitar controller still remain unknown…until now. Want a quick sneak peak at what’s in store? The above snapshot (taken by our own Infendo Ninjas) is directly from the GHIV website. It shows what looks t...

Activision announces Guitar Hero World Tour

Guitar Hero World Tour. You’ve seen the drums, now marvel at the press release!

Guitar Hero 4 trailer arouses the senses

Superior guitar/bass tab, now with 100% more drums, vocals, and battle of the bands using create a song mode? Color me excited for this fall.