Redmond source: Nintendo to announce new 2D Donkey Kong at E3

dkrumor.jpgA Redmond source e-mailed Infendo Tuesday with a tip about one of those E3 surprises Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned on GameTrailers TV earlier this year.

Here is the tip, as sent to Infendo:

“I had my friend at Nintendo check around for any mention of big games, and per their investigation, the new game announcement is Donkey Kong Country, in 2D! Yes, it is going back to its SNES roots. This … will expand one of their popular franchises, as they mentioned several months ago.”

The source did not specify which console the supposed game is being developed for, but seemed to indicate Wii as the primary suspect. As always, file this under the “rumor” category until E3.