Is “Project Café” the codename of the successor to Wii?

More news about ‘Wii 2’ continues to flood the interwebs this week as French news website 01net is reporting that Nintendo’s next home console will be codenamed Project Café and the console’s input device will feature a six inch single input touch screen. 01net cites unnamed sources, but keep in mind that they were the same site that first broke the news of the Sony NGP.

This new console business is really starting to gain some steam. If the touchscreen controller turns out to be true, think of the creative ideas Nintendo must be cooking up. Imagine your next Madden tournament with your friends where each person has there own screen to choose their plays. How about a sequal to Okami where to use the celestial brush you literally must draw the symbol (much like you do in Okamiden) on the controller?

How much credence do you give to this new rumor? Do you think a touchscreen style controller is a good idea? What games would you like to see made with this input method? Did I ask enough questions?

via Joystiq

[updated] links to 01net will be redirected to a google translated page

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