Monthly Archives: November 2006

N64 Kid goes Holly-wood

Oh N64 Kid, will your popularity ever fade? I hope not, because like herpes, you are the gift that keeps on giving. Wait, that didn’t come out right… [Thanks ACLetras. For the video, not the herpes]

Link dump for DIY component cables

Wii component cables are few and far between these days, and the ones you do actually find typically come with an eBay tax of $150 or more. So, with that in mind, the DIY community has taken to task making

DS Magnet Stand

In order to capitalize on the sucess of “Talking DS Cooking Navi” and its upcoming sequel “Healthy Assistance Recipe 1000: DS Complete Menu (which focuses more on nutrition than the previous cooking game)”, Nintendo is releasing a new stand accessory

Mii Pages Makes Wii Socialization Too Easy?

I read about the Mii Pages in a Kotaku post, and then quickly visited the site to find, dissappointingly, there are no uploaded pictures of other people’s miis. There are however, places where you can post your friend code and

Duck! Flying Wiimote caught on tape

This happen to any Infendo readers yet?

the Wii relapse

It’s been a week and my right arm’s gotten over the soreness just the other day. Yeah, i’ve been laying off of Wii Sports. Not that it aint fun anymore, but i haven’t played it with much anyone else. Kinda