All your gates are belong to Wii

Your copy of Animal Crossing Wild World is, at this point, anywhere between your girlfriend’s house or in the local GameStop’s used section. Retrieve it, cause from today till midnight Sunday, you’ll receive a gift letter from Nintendo for signing onto wifi. If you don’t have a copy of the game, don’t plan on checking it out, or don’t mind spoilers, here’s what you get:

Dear [You],

Sunday’s the big day, so take this to distract you from those last, painful hours of waiting!

From Nintendo

Aww, so thoughtful. Hey, what’s this…Oh cool, a master sword. But wait, what’s with the re-gift, Nintendo? You gave this thing out before. It was embarrasing enough that he had to journey through Minish Cap with a talking hat, but you expect Link to finish Twilight Princess with a Deku stick? Be more considerate.