WiiCade: the start of a promising trend

On November 19th, Nintendo’s little white Wii will make the scene, as well as other new things. One of those new things will be WiiCade, a Wii remote-compatible website meant to be used with Wii’s Opera web browser. In the WiiCade, users will be able to play flash games designed to for Nintendo’s wand apparatus. The site will feature 15 games when it launches on Sunday, 2 of those being Wii exclusives that use the remote uniquely. All games are vector based and auto-fit to your tv set.

How WiiCade will work with the remote other than mouse-like functions i do not know, but let’s see if it amounts to more than Breakout. WiiCade can also be accessed through a PC to upload games or create your own homebrew Geometry Wars killer. I loves me some homebrew.

This is all well and good, but they can take it easy on the start date. Nintendo already stated that the Opera browser — as well as other free online features of the system — will be released every few weeks from now going into next year, not at launch.

Don’t let that stop you, WiiCade. Soldier on.

[via Joystiq]