New York Wii line already forming

Since last week, actually. Flickr user XJustin IntensityX got some shots of the early Wii line at Times Square. As you can see, no one’s been shot, stabbed, or raped, but it’s too soon to boast those stats quite yet.

According to Justin, some of these fine geek folks have been waiting since last Sunday. It’s a wonder why there are so few here seeing as, come midnight, the Reggimite himself will hand out Wiis like dollar bills — it’s a bigger wonder why people are line-sitting at the Nintendo Store, since that place opens tomorrow morning rather than tonight and has guaranteed enough units for pre-order fulfillment and then some. But what kind of media event can Nintendo have at TRU with less than 10 line sitters?

That’s where you come in, Infendo. Get out there later today and pad out that line, for TV. Make em proud, make em look good. Who knows, maybe after waiting through the spinning LPs of the DJs and the spinning pelvises of the acrobats (no joke), you might get some cool stuff for being there. You could be Nintendo’s version of this guy.

By the way, this confirms what i’ve been saying — Wii is not as hot an item for the public as it is for the hardcore. So be calm, take your time, and take it easy with those panic attacks, cause there are enough for everyone who can pay for it until at least the middle of the week. Now, the only question is: who’s hosting the after-party Wii bash and can i bring a guest?