Wii wait – 27 hour party people

Unless this Best Buy in Cambridge, Massachusetts doesn’t have any Wii consoles in stock, this guy will definitely get one tomorrow morning. Three local students, James from Cleveland (standing), Felisia from Arizona (sitting), and Yoni from New Jersey (sleeping plaid blob), have been waiting on the street since 6AM, Saturday morning. By the time the store opens at 9AM tomorrow, they will have waited 27 hours to get their hands on a Wiimote. They’ll pass the time today by reading books and comics, studying(!), and playing some DS.

James is mostly excited for the new control scheme Wii offers and feels confident that alone makes the wait worth it. He said that the experience of camping out also played a part in his decision to start so early today. He also feels like this might be the last chance he has to fully enjoy a system launch. “The next generation won’t come along for another five years and by then we’ll have real jobs.”

Just inside the doors of this mall, EB Games has a kiosk setup and available for play. When asked if he tried it out a Wii yet, James said, “No .. I’m saving myself for Zelda.” Twilight Princess is the only title he plans to buy tomorrow.

The true hero of this bunch is Felisia. Not only did she make the Link costume that James is wearing, but she isn’t even buying a Wii. She just came along for moral support.

Maybe a kind soul will bring them some hot chocolate tonight.