Nintendo Wii launches, Blake doesn’t get one, Infendo gets a facelift (temp)

The Nintendo Wii launched today. It’s kind of a surreal moment especially given the fact that so many of us have been discussing the launch for so long now. That’s a great thing. We finally get our hands on the console in the comfort of our own homes (the proper place). Hopefully it will be a fun ride.

My ride, however, won’t start until I can get my hands on a unit. Lines were crazy here in Utah. Crazy! Granted, my naive self didn’t preorder or even think about getting in a line until 9pm, but still, every midnight launch location in my area easily sold out. Worse still, all the morning retailers have long lines already. So my wait continues. Will try again tomorrow (hopefully I’m lucky).

Infendo got a little temporary facelift too. No, we haven’t become “Wii Central” as the new header suggests, just a little props to Nintendo’s new console while we put the finishing touches on the new site. Due to technical difficulties, we had to delay the proper relaunch of Infendo 2.0 just a bit to make sure we get all the kinks worked out. So in addition to the upcoming design, the site will be much more usable in terms of features. We’ll keep you posted.

Lastly, for those that scored a Wii this evening or plan on doing so tomorrow, have fun and let us know your initial impressions and thoughts on the motion-sensing console below. Scott and I will be posting our launch podcast tomorrow evening, so look out for that and as always, thanks for stopping by.