Zelda Skyward Sword: Best dungeons ever?


Not quite halfway in and Zelda: Skyward Sword is already trending as one of my favorite Zeldas ever. Depending on how it pans out — and I’m definitelly in it to win it — I’d rank it on par with A Link to the Past, Ocarina, Wind Waker, and Minish Cap—my current favs. It’s certainly more inventive and better than Twilight Princess, which I lost interest in after 18-20 hours.

A big reason for that is the dungeons of Skyward Sword. Not only are they more closely integrated with overworlds, they’re massive caverns filled with delightful puzzles. And unlike other Zeldas, there’s little to no backtracking because the dungeons aren’t overly “mazey” or complex in their layouts. Just wide open spaces with clever obstructions you need solve before proceeding to the next area.

Great game for those looking to get lost in one.


  1. Awesome 🙂 I can’t wait to give it a go come the 20th! 1/2 through it’s already a contender for a top Zelda game? I’m even more excited now! 😀

  2. minish cap? over every over topdown zelda? have you played link’s awakening?

  3. @Tyler

    Blake has a thing about Minish Cap, don’t question the Boss Hog!

    Sounds awesome dude! Really looking forward to playing this come Christmas! I’ve waited so long….

  4. What bananaoomarang said.

    For the record, there are two zeldas I’ve never played: Majora’s and Link’s Awakening. And I’ve never played the 3D version of A Link to the Past, only the top down version. 😉 Have YOU played Minish, Tyler?

  5. that is good news. OoT’s forest temple has always been my favorite. i’d love for a zelda game to consistently hit that level of awesomeness…. it’s a very high level, even for Nintendo!

  6. maybe i’ll play it on pc….http://forums.dolphin-emulator.com/showthread.php?tid=19897&pid=180120#pid180120

    pretty hot looking emulation!

  7. Skyward sword is like a collection of cool things from previews zelda classics. The town reminds me of majora’s mask, it is inhabited by memorable characters who may look friendly but if you delve into their lives you see that this is not the case always. The surface overworld reminds me of a link to the past, filled with enemies, traps and obstacles that you need to overcome to fully explore it. The world above the clouds is clearly taken from wind waker, filled with distant tiny islands, giving you the feeling of isolation and the urge to explore them all and talk to everyone who lives there. The character development reminds me of twilight princess, the story is on par with ocarina of time so far, and even small details like the dungeons being underground (you have to go down to stairs to enter) remind me of the original zelda. And on top of all that, we got brand new elements like the control system, the collectible items, the upgratable gear etc. Looks like the perfect game to celebrate zelda’s 25 anniversary! Happy birthday zelda, i hope in 25 years there are still games named after you that remind me of my childhood!