How many times have <em>you</em> beaten Zelda: Twilight Princess?


Zelda: Twilight Princess is a long game. Really long. Like upwards of 60 hours long, depending on how you play.

But that hasn’t stopped this guy from completing it multiple times. “I’ve played this through four times, and I’m still not tired of it,” says Virpoja at Game Trailers.

Now that’s dedication. How many times have you beating Twilight Princess?


  1. I’ve completed it 3 times on the Wii version and 2 on the Cube version and I’m looking forward to complete it again along with my favorite Zelda games

  2. I’ve played through the game 3 times on the Wii. I’ve never played the GameCube version since I don’t own it, but it might be cool to do one day. I also intend to play it again before Skyward Sword comes out.

  3. i completed it once and only once, the same as any other game, too many good games to play one more than once

  4. Only once. Don’t have the time to play through games multiple times.

  5. once only, when I tried again I got bored in the first village monkey baby thing and haven’t picked it up again. It’s not the best zelda, I much prefer WW which is my personal favorite just pipping OOT.

  6. Zero. Unfortunately, I stopped right as I was getting ready to leave the desert. I haven’t even gone fishing. Too many other awesome games came out in early 2007!

  7. Once. And every time I go back to it I think “this is bullshit, they should have made Wind Waker 2”.

  8. I’ve completed it twice, In my Wii stat’s is the most played game (my brother and sister also played it), even thought I’ve not played the game in more than two years.

  9. Just once, which has been the trend with all my games the past couple of years. I just replayed Majora’s Mask though, it’s one of my favorite Zelda games.

  10. Ive beaten it twice so far. still have a stack of other games to plough through since theres so many good games these days

  11. Once

  12. I beat it on the gamecube, and I’ve been working on beating it for the Wii version.

  13. Just once, but that’s because I sold off my copy shortly after beating it, not from lack of interest. It’s an awesome game, and I’ve replayed every Zelda game except Wind Waker and Zelda 2, the only ones I never beat due to lack of interest in them. I guess I never replayed the coaster cup ones though, like Minish Cap and such.

  14. @Poochy

    I second that (although I wouldn’t describe them as ‘bullshit’, just decent games but not as awesome as WW). OOT was pretty good to though and I will buy that for the 3DS.

  15. I think twice, maybe three. TP is such a damn pain to play because of how slow the pacing is. Plus, the world’s not as detailed as the other Zeldas… was it just me or did Hyrule Field just feel… empty?

  16. Just once. Tried a second and third time, but only got to the water temple before I just dropped the game off my schedule.

  17. Twice. I beat it normally the first time, and then I decided to do a challenge run type thing (3 hearts, iron sword, wooden shield, no skills, etc., etc.). I’ve tried to play through again once or twice, but I got bored part way through and stopped. Stuff like the bug hunt quests and the other fluff they put between dungeons is just annoying. It also annoys me that most of the difficulty of the game came from the puzzles, since those stop being difficult the instant you solve them. A hard action sequence can keep being hard even after the 4th or 5th time you play it.

    Its a great game and I had a lot of fun with it, but to me, its really the kind of game that you only play once, or maybe twice.

  18. I’ve played it once, I plan on playing it again someday when I have time. I bet it’s probably twice as fast the second time through.

  19. Twice; Played it once, sold it, missed it, bought it again, played it though all over again. The best Zelda game so far, IMO.

  20. Four times, and i will play it again later this year.

  21. Zero, I’ve never actually beaten a Zelda game. What’s worse, the first time I ever beat a Mario game was slightly over a year ago.

  22. Haha, I haven’t beaten it yet. I could, but day after day passes and I never feel like retrying the one part I only ever tried once…! That would be… the wagon… on fire… protection.. part. I don’t have arrows…. and I didn’t feel like going back to get them…
    Wow. I really need to go back to that game. I think I just need motivation… or company.

  23. I play through the Wii version yearly so this year will be the fourth time. My wife likes the GC version and has played through that three times as well, working on the fourth now. I’ve been contemplating playing through both versions this year but I’m not sure if I’ll have the time since I also need to re-beat SMG, SMG2, Zelda II and Kid Icarus along with all the other games I’m working on.

  24. I’ve played through it twice. Once when I got the Wii in the Spring after launch, and the 2nd time was finished a few weeks ago.

    Never 100%ed the game, I’m not a fan of collecting the golden bugs and the poes, but I did enough to get the initial benefit from each of them. Didn’t get all of the heart containers either, I think I had 17 of the 20.

  25. Finished it twice. The first time was about 200 hours and included collecting all hearts, bugs, and poes (including the entire cave of ordeals). The second time was simply a straight playthrough as quick as I could play it. It was about 35 hours.

  26. Maybe, 11 or 12 times?

    As for Wind Waker, as a kid maybe 15 times.

  27. Twice, both times doing everything possible. It is one of my favorite Zelda games. The only ones I haven’t played through at least twice are Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks; they are both decent but finishing both seemed like a chore and they are the only Zelda games I really feel that way about.

  28. Once and done for the GC version with the Premium Guide for the Wii (only one I can find at the time). Left is right, right is left. Got all the poo, so I am very proud of the effort nevertheless. The only Zelda game I played with the a guide b/c I don’t got the time anymore, and I hear it’s really long and boring. I can’t say I enjoyed the game that much, since it’s the game after WW after all, and that game was perfect. I wish the dungeons were harder (I only used the guild for dungeon checklist, hidden caves and poos). My favorite part of the game is the skull dragon fight, and the master sword quest…actually the game was just amazing from top to bottom, I wish I was younger and dumber though 😉 It’s rather sensational. I can’t wait for the next LoZ game, please Nintendo make the next set of dungeons harder and full of ghosts and goblins <3

  29. I 100% the game of course.

  30. I adore Twilight Princess, but I can’t find it in myself to play through the entire game multiple times. It’s quite the investment in time and effort.
    I’ve beaten it 1,5 times – since I WAS playing it again in German to sharpen my German skills. But life got busy, sadly.

  31. 2 or three times I can’t remember. In regards, the Twilight adventure is the best one considering the daring development of such a large game. In the up most regard to Nintendo the projects efforts were incredible but, in my opinion it needed more time in particular for developing pacing and progressive difficulty. A lesson like “Avatar” (James Cameron) could suit. Not completely oblivious to the fact that any more time on the development side would anger people. Aside, I give Ocarina, this game, and WW a three way tie. My favorite is WW hands down I never completed Ocarina (3ds I will). WW is one of videogames Mona Lisa!

  32. I have only played it for about 30 minutes since I bought it and took it home from the post office december 7th 2006. It didn’t have a great beginning that threw you into action like A Link to the past did (it’s my favorite Zelda-game!). The beginning of Ocarina of time were stupid because he just stood there and let the princess get kidnapped. Or doesn’t my memory serve me right? I haven’t played Ocarina of time much at all. I like Link’s awakening as well.

  33. Twice, and wouldn’t mind a third time beating it. Awesome game what can I say

  34. “Maybe, 11 or 12 times?”


  35. zero…
    got really far but then had a save file snafu. then didn’t have the patience to start up again. it was fun the first time around though.

  36. Zero, got bored. I have not beat a 3d Zelda, but I have beat all the 2d Zeldas except Zelda 2 and Spirit Tracks.

    Blake, in your infinite wisdom, why is that?

  37. Once – how do you people have time to play this more than once plus enjoy all the other good games out there?

  38. @Marc

    Some of us don’t have the money to buy everything that comes out. 😉

  39. I’ve completed the game 12 times and my best time to beat it is 13: 21 hr/min

  40. I love Zelda Twilight Princess. It is the most breath-taking, moving, inspiring, game I’ve ever played. The music was amazing, the graphics and landscape was beautiful, and the storyline was wonderful. Midna, one of the main characters of TP, is my favorite Video Game character of all time. It’s just awesome…pure epicness.
    I have played the game 5 times and will never tire playing it. The last time I played it, I beat it in 43 hours.

    Long Live the magic of Nintendo!!!

  41. Infendo,

    please take my email off your list

  42. once, there’s no way i would play it again. same with any other game. i wouldn’t mind watching someone else beat it while i watch, but playing it again…..not for me. i feel the same way about 99% of movies. i loved it though.

  43. Played it once and stopped at the water temple on my second play through.

  44. 2 times in wii and working on a 3rd game! i havent played the GC version because i dont own it. i love the graphics in TP. i kinda wish they made the graphics in Skyward Sword the same, but they didnt. Midna was the best sidekick character the Zelda series has ever had and wish she can come back

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