Nintendo: Motion Plus now standard with every Wii sold

nintendo wii blackAlthough once optional, Nintendo is now making Motion Plus a manditory purchase. At least for new Wii owners.

In speaking with Infendo today, the company was quick to point out that the newly announced Black Wii bundles are, in fact, “new stock” units. In other words, Motion Plus is now standard with every Wii sold—be it black or white.

“This isn’t technically a bundle,” a representative told me by email. “This is the new ‘stock’ Wii. From its launch moving forward, this is how the system will be available, in white or black.”

The move to package better motion controls with Wii is Nintendo’s latest attempt to keep prospective buyers from waiting for competing products by both Sony and Microsoft, arriving later this year.

“To date, this is the only precision [motion] control currently on the market, and with the addition of Wii Sports Resort, you’re getting that next level of Wii Motion Plus all for $199,” the represented added.

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  1. EdEN says:

    It’s a great way to take make Sony and Microsoft consider how they’ll market their motion-controller offerings (and at what price) since this is great value and Sony’s idea that “people will go from Wii to Move at launch” or that “hardcore PS3 fans want motion controls on their console and Move will be it” isn’t really being believed by consumers.

  2. aber says:

    By far the best deal in the gaming industry, not only in this era, but the last few as well. Nice to see the “pack-n” game return. Haven’t seen that since the last gasp days of the Dreamcast…and even then it hasn’t been an industry standard to include one since the 16-bit days (ah, memories! I STILL insist Keith Courage for the TurboGrafx-16 was a far better game than the atrocious Altered Beast pack-in that came with the Genesis…).

    For us old-timers, there was nothing like getting an NES, TurboGrafx-16, SNES or Genesis for Christmas or a birthday and having a game in the box with it, waiting to play. None of this insane “bundling” the larger retailers rip you off with. Nice that Nintendo is going back to this practice. As a parent, $200 is mighty reasonable for what Nintendo is offering as standard.

  3. Collin says:

    This is actually some old news when you look what happened here in Europe, we’ve got the black wii for several months now, Motion Plus included, and so are wii sports and wii sports resort.
    And I agree, this price is very reasonable (I bought it ^^) and Sony won’t be able to beat this system!

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