Nintendo: Motion Plus now standard with every Wii sold

nintendo wii blackAlthough once optional, Nintendo is now making Motion Plus a manditory purchase. At least for new Wii owners.

In speaking with Infendo today, the company was quick to point out that the newly announced Black Wii bundles are, in fact, “new stock” units. In other words, Motion Plus is now standard with every Wii sold’be it black or white.

“This isn’t technically a bundle,” a representative told me by email. “This is the new ‘stock’ Wii. From its launch moving forward, this is how the system will be available, in white or black.”

The move to package better motion controls with Wii is Nintendo’s latest attempt to keep prospective buyers from waiting for competing products by both Sony and Microsoft, arriving later this year.

“To date, this is the only precision [motion] control currently on the market, and with the addition of Wii Sports Resort, you’re getting that next level of Wii Motion Plus all for $199,” the represented added.