Popular game blog “suspects” Red Steel 2 is better than original


red steel 2 wii screen shotKotaku previewed Red Steel 2 this week. Without sticking his neck out, here’s what editor Brian Crecente had to say:

The game’s controls take a bit of getting used to, but once you come to grips with the fact that your motions are essentially triggers for the animation on the screen, like a fancy button push, the game becomes a lot more fun… Its combination of broad and precise motion, its colorful aesthetic, come together to deliver an experience far more fun than the original Red Steel.

Disclosure: I won’t bat an eyelash at this game if it doesn’t get raving reviews. Red Steel 2 arrives Mar 23.


  1. This actually sounds exactly like what I was worried about: 8 way movements trigger a handful of canned animations after the program’s ‘determined’ which direction you meant. I was hoping for something a little (a lot) more real time, even if it’s faked a bit: i.e. a fluid continuous traking veneer with invisible behind the scenes 8 way decisions for collision detection if they really need that to make the game playable. To me it’s sounding like I really may still find a sub-game from Wii Sports Resort more involving.

    Yeah, regular people aren’t samurais, but experiencing my own ineptitude actually IS fun, so long as it’s genuine.

  2. A sequel better than its launch title original!? What!? NO way man, No way. I hate Kotaku.

  3. I actually enjoyed the original. Of course I played it about 3 years later and bought it for $10.

    Anyway, this game has seemed to be like some other Wii titles in the recent past in that it caused a pretty big splash and hype when it was first announced and we saw the first screens, but as we’ve gotten closer and closer to the release it’s seemed to lose a lot of steam.

    I keep hearing more “ehhh” type reactions to the game. I really wasn’t planning on purchasing it on release date anyway, but I imagine this is going to end up with reviews that say it’s better than RS, but still not great.

  4. hi enjoy a game “demessify 3d HD”I actually enjoyed the original, Of course I played it


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