Yawn: Wii U to include “full blown” app store

Or so says The Daily. As if the world didn’t already have enough app stores. I like “game stores” a whole lot better.


  1. “I like “game stores” a whole lot better.”

    Hear, hear.

  2. Since it’s not official, let’s not take it seriously

  3. I agree but this could be fun too.

  4. Of course it’s going to have the e-shop, but something more “App” centric would be really interesting. Maybe it will run Android for more possibilities? Who knows at this point, but this definitely doesn’t make me yawn.

  5. @Blake

    you are so full of yourself. apps are good. sometimes i wish i could have the news and weather on my 3ds like it is on my wii but that isn’t the case. stop harking on nintendo all the time. I feel like you get off on it.

  6. this ridiculous app craze… when i updated my 360 a couple of weeks ago they changed stuff around like that too. Now instead of the video player being on the main screen under video, it can be found in my “video apps” folder. Just because you call it an app doesn’t make it anything different. It still is a crappy video player, nothing new added, but now its an app. Even at the dollar general across from my house they offer a cell phone with a sign that reads “now with apps!”

    and as for Nintendo ill believe the apps when i see them. how many killer apps did we get for the Wii after launch? the everybody votes channel? and check mii out? those are the only ones i can think of that didn’t come pre-installed on your system.

  7. I would still prefer a DVD player.

  8. I can’t say that I care about apps at all, but damn, that Zelda ‘s HD looks so awesome; THAT’S why I want a Wii U. Also, I know Nintendo was saying that they might give Samus a rest after Other M didn’t perform that well, but it would be a damn shame not to see Samus updated for Wii U other than Smash Bros.

  9. Time to “sell” Infendo! Oh, wait…

  10. *yawn*

    another typical Blake post

  11. If we can use apps like in the Android store, then we should actually be able to play OnLive on the Wii U via the OnLive app. Yay!

  12. Nothing wrong with this, you will have a touch screen on the controller so why not have twitter app or a facebook app for it.

  13. Well, a “full-blown” app store’s better than a “half-blown” one…I guess. Nintendo’s apps tend to be rather clever, so I’d definitely check it out.

    But, it’s not a system-selling feature, Nintendo! Games! Remember that! Gaaaaaaames!!!!!

  14. Unify the apps/game/etc stores! It’s not okay to pay more than one time for the same product.

  15. @Monkat:
    I still want a cassette player…
    and a “how-to-be-a” player…

  16. I want the Wii U to transform into a robot and eject that tablet controller from it’s chest.

  17. Whys everyone hating on Blake? Why don’t you all go get a frigging website in which to publish your biased opinions, and see how you like it when people start hating. He’s sharing the news, and voicing his opinion along with it. Leave him the God damn hell alone.

  18. because blake seems to hate nintendo and only ever posts bad articles about them

  19. @John from Leicester, United Kingdom,

    No need for getting angry and using bad language.Also,why would you put your location in your name?Thats the stupidest thing ever.Its like you want someone to rob your house.Another thing is that nobody cares about ‘opinions’.

  20. @Frank Costanza,
    I agree with you bro!

  21. @Frank and Moshi:

    What…like that time Blake called Skyward Sword the greatest single player game of all time???

  22. Read this blog for years. Time to stop reading Infendo. Tired of this stuff.


  23. @Richard, thats the only time he’s said something GOOD about Nintendo.Other than that he always says BAD things about them.

  24. I’m guessing this will be similar to the Apps that you find on Blu-ray players. This will probably be where you’ll find Netflix, Hulu, Twitter, Facebook, Pandora, etc. And the Games will be in a different area.
    I wonder if they’ll keep the “channels” UI that the Wii has or try something new.

  25. @Moshi I have my location in there, because it was Required for me to win a game from Infendo. So, shut your trollface 😉

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