Will there be Nintendo sequels on Wii?

brawlsequel225.jpgI’m not sure if it was the GameCube’s sales figures that dictated this, but it seems like a lot of first party Nintendo games only got one entry on that console.  Pikmin and Metroid being the few exceptions, mega-hits on the GameCube like the Smash Bros, Super Mario, and Mario Kart franchises seemed to be primed for at least one sequel.  Was this a quality control choice by Nintendo?  Were these titles too sacred?

Now we have Wii.  In just over a year, this new system has sold nearly as well as the GameCube did in six.  Early in its life, the system has already gotten Zelda, Super Mario, and Metroid games.  Smash Bros Brawl is out next month and Mario Kart is just around the corner.  Will any of these flagship titles get another chance to shine during the Age Of Wii?  Do we need another Smash Bros game in a few years?