Nintendo Patents – Wiimote was for Gamecube

The people over at Siloconera have been digging up information on patents recently in search of more information on the recent “Miyamoto” patent. However, Instead of finding more information about that patent they actually uncovered an old patent that had to do with the Gamecube that was filed on March 10, 2006. The patent was for what we know today as the Wiimote.

Although, it wasn’t being made for the Wii, it was being developed for the Gamecube. Now we have all have heard the saying at one point or another that “the Wii is an improved Gamecube” or “It’s Gamecube 2.0” but I never really took that into consideration until seeing this patent. Do you guy’s think that the Wii is a semi improved Gamecube? or is it a better system overall? Does this patent change your outlook on the Wii at all?

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