WiiSpeak was in development before Animal Crossing: City Folk

Another shot across the bow this morning to those who think WiiSpeak was just some gimmick developed by Nintendo so they could throw it on store shelves alongside Animal Crossing: City Folk and then forget about it (a la R.O.B.):

“We’re always sharing information with the hardware group and all the teams within Nintendo so we can keep track of things. But in this case we were talking and they told me that they had this microphone in development and I said, ”˜Really, that would work well with Animal Crossing. Here’s what we’d like it to do”¦” [Official Nintendo Magazine interview with Katsuya Eguchi, producer of Animal Crossing: City Folk, via Nintendo Everything]

To me that says there a few more first party games in the works (or near completion, given Animal Crossing’s fall release date) that will implement some cool WiiSpeak functionality (with Friend Codes!)