Wii Speak Channel, Club Nintendo coming to U.S.

I’ve been pretty Jealous of Japan’s Club Nintendo for a few years now. They get all these cool giveaways and items for sale that we Yanks only get to look at with puppy dog eyes over here in the States.

Well, no longer. Club Nintendo is coming Stateside. We should have more details from the field as Sean reports back more from the Media Summit in San Francisco, but for now I’ll leave you with an additioanl bit of new info.

The Wii Speak Channel is coming to the U.S.

“Wii Speak Channel – Let’s you use the microphone to talk to up to four groups of people at once. The hardware comes with a ticket that lets you download the channel at no additional charge,” reports Infendo field correspondent Sean.

More to come as Sean get some hands-on time with the bevy of software demos he saw this morning on the West Coast.

And a final note… It’s about BLOODY TIME Club Nintendo came to the U.S.