Hey Nintendo, remember WiiSpeak?


Hey Nintendo – pictured above is the WiiSpeak peripheral that came with Animal Crossing six months ago.  Can you please release another game that uses it?  Or maybe talk to one of your eager 3rd party developers about it?  Apparently The Conduit will use it, but The Conduit can also apparently grant wishes and emits a delightful floral scent.  So anyway, please, WiiSpeak works great … please use it for something else!


  1. honestly i dont really care about WiiSpeak. I understand some of you do though. i dont care to chat much when i play. to much shit talkin imo

  2. I was really hoping this would be used in the upcoming Tiger Woods game. While I don’t enjoy the trash talking with strangers, (mainly because of the foul language) trash talking my brother is one of my favorite past times.

  3. I don’t really understand this stuff, but would it be too hard to make it work with released games like Smash Bros?

  4. WiiSpeak should be a manditory supported option in ALL online Wii games. Give us the choice to use it or not, not the developer.

  5. High Voltage is supporting it in more games than anyone else, including possibly Gladiator A.D., if it goes online.

    I don’t get why the EA sports games don’t support it. I think that says how much they’re half-assing it.

  6. If they go full 2-player online co-op with Pikmin 3, they had better make it Wii Speak compatible.

  7. WiiSpeak is destined for the fate of most Nintendo peripherals—forgotten plastic that doesn’t get used in more than a handful of games.

  8. Yeah, haven´t bought it although I would like to.. Come on N, give us a patch for Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Tetris or other cool online games.

    Can´t believe Nintendo is still ignoring a brilliant online service….

  9. I’m not really big on voice chat, I like to have it as an option but I rarely choose to use it, I prefer to let my gaming to the talking online 😛

  10. “WiiSpeak is destined for the fate of most Nintendo peripherals—forgotten plastic that doesn’t get used in more than a handful of games.”

    Exactly….Wii Speak meet the Wii Zapper. The jury is still out on the Wii Balance Board.

    As great as Nintendo is and their systems and games are, peripherals have always been something that has really been misses.

  11. I knew this accessory would get next to no support, but it has received even less than I anticipated.

    Good, it was a stupid idea.

  12. Man, what’s the problem? It’s a first-party mic. That’s all it is. It just happens to not be a headset, but a speaker. All Nintendo has to do is allow all online games to have mic chat. But apparently not.

  13. Nintendo loves to make peripherals they only use once.


    WiiSpeak is a mic. That’s all it is. It’s not a peripheral. Is the headset or the messenger keyboard on the 360 or PS3 a peripheral? NO. They are chat devices. They are not peripherals. WIISPEAK IS NOT A PERIPHERAL!!! IT IS A FREAKIN’ MICROPHONE!!!! IT IS NOT A ONE-USE ITEM!!!!!! OTHER PEOPLE WHO WANT TO INCORPORATE ONLINE MIC CHAT WILL DO SO!!!!! AND WHENEVER NINTENDO WANTS TO INCORPORATE ONLINE MIC CHAT, THEY WILL DO SO!!!! LITE ANGRY!!!!

    LITE SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *gasps for air*

    Get it straight. WiiSpeak is a first-party mic. Not a plastic shell.