Wii’s 15 best and worst games after 657 days


Does the gaming critics’ consensus match your Wii experience?


  1. Yeah, I agree. But I’d put mario kart on the good list, I’ve played it a lot.

  2. Still think it sucks that they took the blood out of the European No More Heroes… We’re not children!! well some of us are… I’m not though…
    And that reminds me, Still gotta buy Okami and Z&W
    The ‘poopy’ list. Other than ninjabread man, I’ve never played or heard of any of them. There’s probably a reason why.

  3. HAHA a friend of mine bought ninja bread man.

  4. I agree with it pretty well, though I thought Metroid Prime deserved a higher place. Thank you for using Metacritic though. It is, in my opinion, the best place to find critic compilations.

  5. Awesome, as to be expected by SPOGS, that was the worst game ever, didn’t buy it, never will

  6. Zelda should be lower on that list. I mean, it’s okay, but it’s pertty mediocre, even for a zelda game. (Not to say Zelda games are mediocre, but they aren’t exactly “fresh” either.)

  7. I have 8 of those top 15 and none of the worst. There was that split second close call when I saw Ninja Bread Man for $9.99. Seriously though that’s an impressive top 15 for a system that has a reputation for low quality games.

  8. Own 9/15 Good

  9. What is the fascination with Smash Bros. That game held my interest for about 3 and a half minutes. Totally overrated.

  10. Metacritic suck excite truck is clearly more fun than Bully. Critics are out of touch.

  11. I’ve played 11 of those top 15 games.

  12. LOL Notice how most of the highly reviewed games are Nintendo’s and most of the absolutely horrid, dumpster games are from the major third parties. Even Wii Music won’t score that low.

    Is it any wonder why Nintendo’s games sell more on Nintendo systems? And why Nintendo has such diehard fans? Third parties are just going to have to find a way to earn Nintendo Gamers trust.

    And that won’t be easy, considering third parties have, so far, treated Wii owners like they were stupid finance opportunities for HD games on other systems, or dumping grounds for whatever shit they have in the back. It’ll be rough, but soon they’ll have little choice.

  13. I own 8 of the top 15 and am considering getting 1 from the bottom: Game Party. I’ve actually heard some friends say they have had a good time with it, and yes, Excite Truck should be in the top 15 for sure, even though some people don’t understand how to steer. 😉

  14. I’m actually surprised that only 6 out of the 15 best games are from Nintendo. What I find more interesting, however, is that of the 9 remaining third party games, at least 7 came out less than a year ago (not sure when MLB came out). That tells me that third-party support is increasing in quality.

    The myth of poor quality third party support should be out the door any time now, along with the myth that the Wii has no good games.

    Also, check out the top 15 Metacritic scores for the DS. Only 3 games rate 90 or higher. This means that the Wii and the DS, the two hottest systems out right now, have the fewest games with high Metacritic scores. Does this mean that their broad appeal eschews critically acclaimed games or that the critics that acclaim these games have lost touch with what it means to have fun? Is it a bit of both?

  15. Oh and I own 11 of the top 15 games. Do I win something?

  16. I own 4/15 of the good games. 0/15 out of the ‘poopy’ games, but that may change. Ninjabread Man is just too awesome of a name. I won’t even play it, it’ll just sit on my shelf.

  17. @ Jamie – They didn’t really take the blood out for the Euro version. The Japanese didn’t have that either. The American one just has all the blood cause they are dumb bloodthirsty terrorists.

  18. I’ve got 9 of 15 of the good games and 1 of the bad ones (Cruis’n) Really I didn’t think cruis’n was that bad I played it a bunch… well enough to unlock the Charger anyway. Maybe I’m stupid but I liked it.

  19. Excitetruck is a good game, I agree…but I’m not sure it is worthy of the top 15 games on the system. It is relatively thin on multiplayer options, has no online, few features, etc. Excitetruck could’ve been great if it were fleshed out a bit, in my honest opinion. But a good game, nonetheless.

    I own 10 of the top 15, and thankfully, none of the bottom 15. Because I had to review some of them, though, I have played a few of them…they are every bit as bad as the menacing red numbers suggest. Seriously, total wastes of money, development effort and plastic.

  20. I own five of the good games,and have borrowed (from a friend) and beaten Zelda:TP as well.

  21. To be honest, I felt Twilight Princess was more fun than Galaxy. >.>

    Oh, and I own 1/3 of the top 15 games.

  22. 6 of 254 games (0.02%) scored 90% or more = depressing. Also, Zack & Wiki in the top 10?!

  23. “Excitetruck is a good game, I agree…but I’m not sure it is worthy of the top 15 games on the system. ”

    But Bully IS worthy? Bully wasn’t exactly bursting with the online multiplayer features that you cite as lacking in ET. Only 2 of the games in the top 15 above meet your criteria of necessary features. So yeah, Excite Truck should have ranked a lot better than it did. Surely it deserved an 83 or better even considering the lack of online. The game was fun as hell.

  24. The list is ok but far from perfect. Mario Kart is missing. Yes, it is not original but still is an excellent game not only for single and online player but for multiplayer gaming, in which excels. Another game missing is Wii Sports. Game critics are too constrained by their own experience to recognize a true classic when they see one. Wii Sports is a great game, as it is one of the few sports games where players are ranked by their own abilities and gameplay is free of game gimmicks to aid the players in performing their stunts. Also, is great in the sense it allows close identification between the player and his gaming character through the Miis. Finally, PES 2008 is better than many games in that list.

  25. You’re right, Wii sports is missing! And I got PES 2008 a couple of weeks ago (for only $30!) and have played it a lot, too.

  26. I told everyone Ninjabread Man was better than Anubis II.

  27. Well, at least I now know I have good taste: I own every title on the good list except MLB Power Pro and Pro Evolution Soccer 2008. Those two are missing because I don’t buy a ton of sports games.
    And I own zero of the games on the worst list. Thank Hyrule.

  28. Own 11 of the top 15 and none of the bottom 15. Would own Bloom Blox but my games budget is on stand-by right now.

  29. @used cisco:

    Comparing extra features between Bully and Excite truck falls short of a valid arguing point. They are entirely different genres, and the kind of features one would expect each to have are so different, they are incomparable. His point is valid.

    (Note, I own neither of these games, this is only an argument about the argument, not the games. I played Excite truck a little at a pre-release wii demo unit. It was pretty cool. I AM surprised it’s not higher on the list.)

  30. I’m surprised that a launch game like Excite Truck looks better than most Wii games released this year.

  31. @Seaniccus,

    “Comparing extra features between Bully and Excite truck falls short of a valid arguing point. ”

    Hardly. I would expect online and lots of multiplayer options on a game like Bully. Both genres can benefit from it. Look at a game like GTAIV. Lots of great online features. Your argument makes no sense and it’s made worse by the fact that you don’t own either game. So, sorry, but you’re point is totally invalid. Excite Truck is a lot more fun. Period.

  32. @ David L – Dude your math sucks, you either need to start paying attention in math class or you need to go back to school. Just so you know .02% of 254 games is less than one game. It’s probably more like 2.36%. You must be an American.

  33. “It’s probably more like 2.36%. You must be an American.”


    You come off like a total asshat, you must NOT be an American.

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