Weekend Discussion: What Can Nintendo Do to Win Back Lost Fans?



I love my Wii U, the games, the features, the game-pad, and just about everything about the console.  In fact, I honestly don’t have any complaints about the console.  However, there are a lot of Nintendo fans that are upset various facets of the Wii U’s existence.  Whether it be the quantity of games, the lack of complete third party support, the specs on the inside (power), or almost anything else that you might be able to find a reason to complain about.  Some are even asking for Iwata and Reggie to step down.  But are the complaints justified, or are they due to confusion and/or anger at Nintendo’s approach to gaming?

Before we start out weekend discussion in the comments below, let’s remember that Nintendo is NOT Sony or Microsoft.  Nintendo does things their way, and it has worked for them for decades.  Asking them to change is like asking Coke to change its formula…wait, that happened with New Coke, and that failed miserably.  If there is one thing that Nintendo knows, it is gaming.  When the Wii U was released, we got something that was unique with a separate game-pad that just so happened to have a touch screen built in..pure genius, oh and the console is still the least expensive on the market.  Some have complained that the touch screen is a gimmick and that it is not necessary.  If that is so, why are both Microsoft and Sony copying it on their own unique, and rather expensive ways?  For Sony, you need to have, or purchase a Vita to utilize their second screen.  For Micrososft, you need a tablet and a piece of downloadable software.  If the game-pad was such a gimmick, why are developers jumping on board to make game utilize the second screen for both consoles?  For the Wii U, we get the second screen packed in the box and the console is still hundreds of dollars less than the Xbox One.  The Wii U gamepad is also built exclusively for second screen play.  The Vita and tablets are not, so I would expect some issues with connectivity, lag, and various other bugs.

Let’s talk about games.

Sure, there are not hundreds of games on the Wii U yet.  However, I think Nintendo did the right thing by not bombarding us with a ton of titles at the beginning.  I believe that we will start to see more titles during and after the launch of the other two consoles.  Some are complaining that we have not received Smash Bros., a massive Mario Game, a new Zelda, etc.  Those are games that every Nintendo gamer wants.  Nintendo knows that, so why not wait until the other consoles launch, and force the fans to decide on the new/expensive titles, or on a highly anticipated Nintendo game at a much lower cost.  As for third party support, well Nintendo cannot exactly control them as they used to when it was just Ninty and Sega.  However, we have had a good deal of third party support so far, and I would imagine that we will in the future, regardless of what they say.  Especially since the other two consoles are going to offer off screen play.  The feature will probably become integrated into many games, so porting the same games to the Wii U is a no brainer.  What will happen if after six months, to a year, the PS4 and Xbox One have an equal amount of games, will the same people complain?

Over the past few days, there has been some discussion regarding the power of the console compared to the PS4 and XboxOne.  Does power really matter anymore?  If I was given a choice between a Mustang, Charger, or a Prius, what would I choose?  Well, I would want the Mustang or Charger because they look cool.  But neither are economical, so I would choose the Prius because it is economical.  I think the same applies to the top three consoles.  The Wii U is economical because of the price.  We know that we will get some fantastic games, and we know that the best is yet to come. I say it a lot, but the power of a console is meaningless if there aren’t good games to back it up.  And, if the games are good enough, do we need the power…I think not.  Power, to me, is just as gimmicky as some believe the game-pad is.  I don’t need a NASA computer hidden inside my console to make it great.  I need a game that draws me in, tells me a compelling story, and immerses me into the world that is presented to me.  I still get that feeling when playing my NES, and it obviously doesn’t have the power to match today’s youngsters.

In the end, fanboys are going to argue over why their console is better, but more so why our console is trash.  Let’s not take it personal, but let’s have a adult conversation about what Nintendo can do to win back some of the fans that have abandoned the Wii U.  Do you think that releasing some of the bigger titles (Mario, Zelda, etc) would have increased sales?  If so, then what would they release to battle the launch of the PS4 and Xbox one?  Are Third Party titles really that important for the Nintendo anymore?  Most third party titles are launched on multiple consoles, so unless it is an exclusive, will it actually sell a console?  Add any of your thoughts below, and remember to keep it classy Infendo.

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  1. First, let’s consider this… according to the latest sales figures, globally the Wii U trails the PS3, XBox 360, and the Wii. Ouch. Plus all handhelds, including PSP and PS Vita. Double ouch.

    In North America, let’s just judge it against Nintendo products. It trails the 3DS obviously, but it also trails the Wii and the DS. Triple ouch.

    So it’s the middle of 2013 and it still can’t outsell the Wii. What’s the difference – it’s either the price or the gamepad.

    I’d play it safe and tackle both. Most sites agree the gamepad adds about $100 to the price and Nintendo Land retails around $50, so offer a (deluxe) Wii U with no gamepad or Nintnedo Land for $200. Sell the gamepad separately and see how that goes. At least you’d have concrete data on how people feel about it. This can be done right now.

    Then when Smash Brothers comes out, bundle the game in for $250 and give the Wii U unit a special Smash Brothers covering/skin. Then do the same with Mario Kart.

    My opinion is that these would sell like crazy. They’d have to eat some humble pie by admitting the gamepad isn’t necessary, but who cares. They need a larger install base, and they need it very soon.

  2. Games.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you Mr. Pratt. Well, I am kind of a Nintendo fan boy myself having only all their consoles. In fact, I’ve never completed a playstation or xbox game. As long as there are great games (and there will be) Nintendo will do just fine. As long as the Wii U has games like Muramasa, Okami, No More Heroes, MadWorld, Resident Evil 4, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, Metroid Corruption & Other M, Mario Galaxies, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Kirby’s Epic Yarn & Return to Dreamland, DK Country Returns, Xenoblade Chronicles just like its predecessor then I’ll be more than satisfied. Pikmin 3 should increase the sales of Wii U next month if consumers are smart.

  4. I think Nintendo is stuck in time. They had/have great franchises, which apparently still sell well, but they’ve failed to address a maturing audience. I’m in my forties. Firing up Super Mario 13 doesn’t cut it anymore. I purchased the Wii U for the family (and personally hoped they’d turn it around), but with stagnant sales and no third party support, the future doesn’t look good.

    The online gaming experience is critically important for success and they’re failing there too. It’s a double whammy, if you don’t have immersive, online games you won’t sell consoles. If you don’t sell consoles, you can’t have a robust online experience. Check out the Call of Duty support for Wii U. It’s horrific.

    The game-pad goes both ways. I can see it being a great gaming accessory, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet in actual use, and that’s bizarre. With the Wii, there was no confusion about the motion controller. Straight out of the box, the controller became the centerpiece of the experience, for good and for bad.

    I still think Nintendo can be a powerhouse. They obviously create games that many people enjoy, but they can do that regardless of hardware. Hell, make a world class controller for the iPad/Android and release a new Mario every month! They’d be rolling in the cash.

  5. I haven’t bought a Wii U yet. What would I play? I bought New Super Mario Bros. Wii and, as a single player, got bored with it after a few hours, so NSMBU is not enough to get me to buy one.

    As others have already said, games would be a big help. But I don’t have a laundry list of IPs that I want them to go through, releasing perfunctory, unimaginative games. Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword were very high-rated games, and for the most part I enjoyed them, but they were each the most linear of their respective series. Nintendo pretty much invented the open-world game, but hasn’t touched that genre (apart from games made by developers they’ve acquired) since the Gamecube. It’s telling that my favorite Wii game by a long shot was Xenoblade, a game developed by a company they bought. I want a Zelda game as big or bigger than that. Some Mario levels as big and free to explore as Colony 9 would be awesome too; Bianco Hills was almost that big in Mario Sunshine, but Galaxy didn’t have anything that in terms of areas the player actually has access to.

    Following the release of Wind Waker HD and SM3DW, in all likelihood we’ll buy a Wii U, probably just after xmas. I never got around to finishing Wind Waker on the Gamecube, so at least it will provide me with an epic adventure. SM3DW I’m not so sure about, but I’ve played every 3D Mario game (well, except SM3DL since I bought a tablet instead of a 3DS) and I’m inclined to at least give it a chance.

    “Asking them to change is like asking Coke to change its formula…wait, that happened with New Coke, and that failed miserably.”

    Going from the deep experiences of Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker and Chibi Robo on the Gamecube to Wii Sports and Wii Play on the Wii wasn’t a change? Sometimes change results in success. Unfortunately, I preferred Nintendo’s “failed” console, and want more experiences like it had. Obviously they’re taking a second look at it through games like Wind Waker HD, but sales figures don’t lie: today’s mainstream gamer wants quick bites of casual, linear gameplay, and I’m afraid Nintendo is going to keep spooning it out to them.

    At least we’ll get X eventually. Well, if Nintendo doesn’t make it a Japanese exclusive, anyway.

  6. The price point isn’t that much of an advantage when you look at how much games cost. People can have a next generation system (The Wii U isn’t) for the same price if they forgo purchasing a few games. (I bought tons of games for the Wii that were seldom played).

    That leaves the less discerning consumer who will purchase the cheapest system they can find. Not exactly the best customer base.

    As far as I can tell, Nintendo has only two standouts, their franchises (Mario et al.) and the game-pad. Some people still love Mario, but I don’t think they’re bringing in new people to the fold like they did in the 80’s and 90’s. That leaves the game-pad… and that doesn’t seem to add any meaningful value yet. Well, you can use it to watch Netflix while somebody else is watching cable….

    As for power. I purchased Call of Duty for the Wii and really enjoyed it, until I purchased a PS3 and played CoD and Battlefield on it. I never played the Wii version again because it was much better on a more powerful system. Nintendo is a little different in that they have compelling games that are meticulously crafted and they can wring the most from their hardware. Heck, maybe just getting up to HD status may be enough.

    Last point, Nintendo should release a minimalist system interface for teens/adults. These silly Mii balloon characters and plazas and floating, inscrutable icons are aggravating and look like they were designed by an acid tripping child molester.

  7. Stuart: I dunno. I played both CoD4 and World at War on the Wii, enjoyed them much more than on other systems, or even PC. Love the pointer for FPS games. Worked well with the Metroid Prime Trilogy, really well.

    Also, the Gamepad hate is getting -really- old. It’s still the cheapest modern product out there.

  8. Even though Nintendo has great franchise but it’s a fact they haven’t had a new IP since the original Pikmin came out two consoles ago. Also Nintendo has not learned a dam thing about and I know gameplay over graphics is ok but having a near outdated tech that is going away soon like 2.0 USB they are almost all gone and 3.0 is taking over and the WiiU is not able to use 3.0. The worst of this is that they have been listed more like a children’s company similar to Disney no risking in mature content well then let someone else do the mature content with your IP’s. One last thing the WiiU is an overpriced and underpowered system so your ripping us off and I’m close to selling my WiiU but keeping my 3DS just because they care more about handhelds than consoles anymore…Come to think of it should Nintendo abandon consoles and move to handhelds only?

  9. @Devin

    Maybe no new IPs, but they have a ton. Why fix what isn’t broken (and is still fun)?

    No mature content? Bayonetta 2? Metroid Prime? Hell, Pikmin and Zelda (mostly Twilight Princess) have some pretty dark undertones that certainly aren’t childish.

    Overpriced and underpowered? Aside from it being the cheapest console out there, stronger than current gen consoles anyway and lower than their launch prices, and the fact that the Wii has proved that power isn’t everything, and people can do more with less?

    I don’t really get it. I mean, I get that people want games to play and for their consoles to have 50 quad-core processors in it, but seriously, I just think way too many people are judging the book by its cover.

  10. @BornFlunky

    Yeah I know but when I mean mature I mean rated M games from nintendo themselves which they never had done before unless a thrid party company did it so if they can’t do a mature rated game with their IP’s then let someone else do it. I’m just tired of nintendo falling behind the times and they also need to grow up. Even though they make great games but now those great games are sometimes too late in the game.

  11. I agree with most of the comments above (both supporting and attacking Wii U).

    To me, it was a big mistake to keep the name “Wii” on this new console. It caused so much confusion at first and I think it’s delaying the “Acceptance” and its intrduction to the market…

    I’m 30, all my friends relate Wii as “kiddie” and prefer other systems. The same will happen the next generation…
    I think Nintendo needs to develop new mature IP’s themselves and take off the “kiddie” image.

    Like someone already mentioned, Mario is not appealing to the masses as before…

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m getting a Wii U eventually because I prefer to play “kiddie” games like Mario, Zelda, DK, etc…but I’m a Nintendo fan and we are becoming a minority as time passes…

  12. @Devin

    So, they don’t make M-rated games. That’s the issue?

    Firstly, unless they can do it really well — which I think would honestly take a large amount of time to make a truly unique mature idea — I don’t want them doing it. Nintendo’s different, and I shudder at the thought of them jumping into the crap-fest that Microsoft and Sony seem content in wallowing in.

    Secondly, so what? I mean, it’s not like practically every single one of their IPs is “kiddish.” Personally, I think they appeal to all ages. I enjoyed Mario 64 when I was a kid, and I enjoy it just as much now, along with every Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, and Metroid game.

    My opinion: Nintendo games transcend age niches. People from 5 to 50 and beyond can enjoy them. And the older you are, the more you appreciate them.

    And I don’t really think it’s appropriate to call us the “minority” when the Wii outsold everything by millions and millions of units last generation.

  13. @Lou: That’s just crazy. You’re saying they should take out the GamePad? Then why would devs make games that use the Gamepad? It’s why the PS3 Eye Toy and now the PS4 Eye Toy won’t have games, because it’s not included in the box.

    You must be one of those crazy people that said they should have taken out the 3D from the 3DS so that it could sell…

  14. @Stuart: The Wii U is next gen, and is part of the Wii U/PS4/XBO gen, just as the Wii was part of the Wii/PS3/360 gen… and the Wii won. You need to stop looking it from a raw power point of view because, in that case, no console is really Next-Gen since that title belongs to the PC.

    The Wii U offers more power than 360/PS3, a new controller that allows you to play most games on its screen, it has NFC tech, a mic, a camera, accelerometers, gyroscopes and a touch screen. If you want to go “but games on PS4 and XBO will look better card” then the Wii U is not for you. If you’re looking for Nintendo games and their charm, then you only have two options: 3DS and Wii U.

    Call of Duty? More fun on Wii. The Wiimote+Nunchuk combo made it faster to control and demanded real skill to run, aim and shoot vs dual analog controls. I probably put in 60 hours of Multiplayer in World at War, and had a lot of fun.

  15. @DevinShadowV: As much as people like to forget it, Wii Sports, Wii Party, Wii Music and Wii Fit are new IP, and they made the console sell like crazy. 100 million and counting.

    If you’re not happy with your Wii U and are having a “I is hardcorez and no games lol”, then sell your Wii U. No one is putting a gun to your head. I’ve enjoyed my Wii U and own several retail games as well as a LOT of eshop releases and I’ve playing it every single day since launch.

    The Wii U is not overpriced. I happily paid the $350 for my Deluxe just for Off-TV play which has allowed me to do 40 hours for Mass Effect 3 (10 on TV and 30 on the GamePad), 20 hours for Darksiders 2 (5 on TV, 15 on the GamePad), and the same is true for most of the games that offer Off-TV play. That feature by itself sold me the console, and I can’t wait to play Pikmin 3, Rayman Legends, Wonderful 101, Watchdogs, Super Mario 3D World, Arkham Origins, DKC Tropical Freeze and many more retail and eshop games to be released before the year is over.

  16. @EdEN: I supported Nintendo for a long time and I don’t want to stop now I just got the console way too early and may just sell it if unless the numbers get better for the console. Basicially waiting when PS4 and Xbox One comes out then the fate of the WiiU is in.

  17. I don’t want to be against Nintendo it’s just they need to grow up and that’s all I want to say.

  18. Nintendo doesn’t need to grow up, gamers need to relax and enjoy games without acting like they’ve “matured” and want “mature games”, because that’s pure BS. The moment you go “Nintendo needs to make more M rated games” is the time that you’ve stopped playing games for fun and have been pushed by peer pressure into the “Nintendo is for kids” camp.

    So, good luck with that.

  19. First, I agree with BornFlunky: if Nintendo were to choose to make an M-rated game, I only want them to do it when they can offer something unique not just some mindless spin/derivative. BUT, something people always seem to forget when comparing Nintendo with Sony and Microsoft: Nintendo doesn’t just have their own IPs, they make their own games. If people want M-rated games on Wii U, Nintendo doesn’t have to be the one to make them (and they aren’t the ones making them anyways). but, if M-rated games are out there, being made and played, why aren’t they being bought for the Wii U thus justifying continued development for the Wii U? This brings me to point two.

    So, why aren’t M-rated games selling on the Wii U? DLC. Let’s be honest, when people say M-rated games and Nintendo, they are usually talking about CoD 27.3 or games like GTA, but if you expand your search and look at sales of some T-rated games (such as Injustice: Gods Among Us) you’ll find the same sales problems. Developers keep saying “Well, we push content if the sales are there” or “Maybe next time if enough people show the interest this time,” and with attitudes like that (and $60 a pop for games) who can blame consumers for buying the copy that has everything they want NOW, not 2-3 titles later? Nintendo needs to incentivize developers to go full steam ahead with DLC (and just by leading by example). Do this and I guarantee there will be a spike in software sales for “key” “western” titles, which can and will drive console sales.

    Also, the PS4 is going to help Nintendo with developers in a roundabout way. As pointed out, the PS4 (obviously) will not ship with a PS Vita, so there will be VERY FEW games developed with the “second screen gameplay” mentality. Sony knows this, so is instead REQUIRING all developers to include “PS Vita Remote Play” (ie off-screen play). All Nintendo has to do is point out to developers that if they don’t actually have unique gameplay ideas for a second screen, they can use the already designed off-screen play on the Wii U.

    Lastly, Nintendo needs to do one of two things with their eShop/Virtual Console services. A) Reduce prices. I have bought six Virtual Console games: the five that were on sale for thirty cents each and Super Mario World because my wife LOVES that game. I am not buying anymore due to the price (which can use a slash of about fifty percent) and wouldn’t be surprised to learn I’m not the only one to do so. Or B) Start releasing massive amounts of Virtual Console titles. One to three titles per week (or in an amazing week five) just doesn’t cut it. Every week should have ten (or more) with as many quality and high demand titles as possible loading the front. There should be no problem front-loading these titles because that means that, since they are in high demand, they will ether have long-term high sales and/or possibly drive people to invest in a Wii U that might’ve been sitting on the fence.

    Just my $0.02 though.


  20. I don’t understand what the big deal with M rated games is anyway. Maybe I am just different than other gamers, but I enjoy Nintendo console games, I like playing Mario, Zelda and Donkey Kong. I like playing games that I can show to my future children and enjoy with them. Blood and gore does not equal good gameplay, sure, Call of Duty/Halo etc. are good games in their own right, but just because a game is rated E or T does not automatically mean that game sucks.

  21. @EdEN – First, you must have missed the part where Essel asked us to have an adult conversation. Most of your comments are just angry.

    But you asked why devs would make games for the gamepad if they took it away. If you’ve noticed, most devs have already dropped support for the Wii U. The install base isn’t large enough to justify the cost they’d have to put into it, plus the interface is so different the development effort is quite complicated. Even Miyamoto has admitted that’s it’s been tougher than Nintendo expected.

    Drop the gamepad (and by extension the price) and the install base expands and the development becomes less complicated.

    Look, the thing isn’t selling, and as many here have pointed out, Nintendo is now seen as the “kiddie” franchise. They’re also seen as the weakest console, which goes back to the Gamecube. At some point they have to move forward. Pre-orders for PS4 have been incredibly strong, and even Microsoft saw a huge bump after they backed off their XBox One limitations.

  22. @Lou: And if you drop the GamePad, you lose ganes like Zombi U abd Lego City Undercover. It’s bot going to happen. The GamePad is part of the console. If 3rd parties are too lazy to make games that use it, that’s too bad, but you need to remember we buy Nintendo hardware for Nintendo games, and that if a 3rd party gives us a good port or exclusive, we enjoy it too… but no 3rd party games have never been a dealbreaker. Wii has sold 100 million consoles. PS2 sold 120 million consoles. What did they both have in common? They are the weaker console of their respective gen.

    Finally, 3rd parties flocking to te PS4 and XBO due to low Wii U sales is very interesting considering the Wii U is close to.4 million consoles sold vs Zero PS4/XBO. Lets talk in March 2014 once the three consoles have been in the market for 6 months and the Wii U Round 2 games have been released.

  23. So what if we lost Zombi U? It was announced this week that the game didn’t make money, and that it wasn’t even close. Another strike against the Wii U.

    And the gamepad is simply not an integral part of the console. As stated, Nintendo has announced several future games with no gamepad support. Face it, it was a horrible idea that will cost numerous people their jobs and will cost Nintendo millions in losses. We can’t stick our heads in the sand, the Wii U is arguable the company’s biggest failure.

  24. @Lou

    “We can’t stick our heads in the sand, the Wii U is arguable the company’s biggest failure.”

    Yeah, sorry Lou, but I think you just lost all of your credibility.

    The Gamepad is integral. What games don’t have Gamepad support, the ports? Or Smash Bros — a game you seem incredibly hung up on — which, again, has a perfectly logical and sensible reason for such? You do realize that a lot of fantastic games that are coming out by the end of the year alone use the Gamepad to great and useful effect? Or the games that do that are already out?

    It’s not costing anyone their jobs, sales are going up, sales are going to probably be pretty ridiculous this coming holiday season, and Nintendo, even while selling the Wii U below cost, is still in the black.

    And I wouldn’t call a company that is actually making a profit (from what I’ve seen) a company that is experiencing their “biggest failure.”

  25. @Lou: Off-TV Play. That right that is worth the price of admission. The console might not be flying of the shelfs, but it’s not trending behind the Gamecube. If that is what the Wii U ends up being, we’ll still get 20-30 great Nintendo games to enjoy, and we can get a new console in 5 years.

    Also, the Wii U is the ONLY Next Gen console with full Backwards Compatibility, a huge plus for me and my backlog since once I did the system transfer, I sold one of my Wii. You can’t do that with the XBO and the PS4.

    Lets see how those two do 6 months after launch and we can then see how the Wii U is doing.

  26. The Wii U needs Minecraft. I have an 8 and 12 year old and this past year we have spent most of our gaming time on xbox 360 Minecraft. I know of another family of kids that recently bought xbox just to play Minecraft.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Wii and we still play Mario Kart on it and my daughter likes the Disney Princess games, but because our family loves Minecraft so much, I’m going with the xbox one for the next gen. The Wii U will need a serious price drop down to $150 before I would consider getting one, if ever. The only game that would draw us in is Mario Kart 8, but I’m going to be spending a lot of money on xbox one, so it has to wait.

  27. @Gern
    I totally agree about Minecraft on Wii U. Sounds like an awesome idea!

    Onto the main comment: I think this following quote will suffice for my opinion of the matter on if Nintendo needs to make M rated games.

    “Critics who treat ‘adult’ as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” – C.S. Lewis

  28. Lord Lemmy, I bow to you for inserting C.S. Lewis into this debate. I can only hope that my writings reach as many hearts as his did. When I release my first novel, he will definitely be listed on the dedication page.

    As for the rest, there are some very good comments and thoughts in these responses. We all know that there are downsides, and upsides, to all consoles. We just happen to be focusing on the only Next Gen Console that has actually been released. I urge you to not compare the Wii U to the Xbox One or the PS4 until they officially launch, only because we are currently comparing it to an unknown. For all we know, the next Xbox could suffer from the same dreaded red light of doom, or maybe the PS4 could have its own faults. Maybe the prices alone will result is slow sales. At this point, we have no idea at all. Both of them could also be extremely successful in their own rights. We just don’t know.

    I look forward to more comments, keep up the good work!

  29. Thank you, Essel. It’s my favorite quote out of any author. Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed your articles the most on here. Seems to get the most people talking!

  30. You can say I’ve lost credibility, but the system isn’t selling. Saying the system will “probably” begin selling this holiday system is meaningless speculation. And their recent profits have far more to do with currency exchange rates and the success of the 3DS (a great product) than the topic at hand, the Wii U. Also, still way too early, but the Gamecube sold around 21 million global units. Wii U is currently at 3.

    Here’s an excerpt from a recent review on Engadget….

    When we reviewed the Wii U last November, we suggested readers not buy the console “just yet,” due to a variety of “major missteps and half-baked ideas.” Those statements, sadly, remain true today. Despite one firmware update aimed at fixing the console’s speed, switching between applications (even one as simple as System Settings) is a time-consuming chore. As we stated last year in our review, the Friends List / Miiverse confusion regarding friend requests is still… confusing. There is still no standard for games and other software utilizing the console’s gamepad for off-screen play. But worst of all, third-party software support has all but disappeared, which means early adopters have little to look forward to outside of first-party Nintendo games.

    With Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4 arriving this holiday — both of which offer far more powerful hardware and many of the multiplatform games found on Wii U — the argument for Nintendo’s console is less powerful than ever.

  31. “third-party software support has all but disappeared”

    Wrong again. The E3 Nintendo Direct alone showed several third party titles — reasonably awesome ones, such as Batman, Wonderful 101, or Bayonetta 2, to name just three — that were coming out by the end of this year alone. Even more are set to come out next year.

    And I disagree on your “review” holding true to today. The friend’s list works just fine in a non-confusing manner, and since the update, loading is much smoother. I’d much rather take five seconds to go into System Settings at a single touch than slog through, for example, the Xbox 360’s numerous menus — many of which require almost identical loading times for each menu — just to get to a far more confusing preference editor.

    The Wii U is far, far cheaper than its competition, almost to a laughable degree. That alone makes the “argument” for the Wii U very strong, and much more likely to pierce the market over other new consoles.

    Historically, “powerful hardware” only does so much — the ‘weaker’ consoles have blown away the competition for several console generations.

    “Saying the system will “probably” begin selling this holiday system is meaningless speculation.”

    Certainly no more ‘meaningless speculation’ than saying the console will be more profitable without the Gamepad.

  32. I’ll admit up front that I played my 360 more than my Wii. While the motion controls were cool for a while, I lost interest in having to stand up and wave my arms around to play a game. I wanted Nintendo to return to their roots where I could sit and hold a controller and push buttons again.

    With the Wii U I get that. I play most games with a CCP and I truly enjoy the gamepad, for both on and off screen games. When my sons are playing the 360 on the TV I can still get my gaming in as well. I’ve really enjoyed playing COD Black Ops 2 on the gamepad and it functions quite well. I think it is a tremendous addition to Nintendo’s system and have no complaints about it at all.

    As many have mentioned this comes down to fanboy arguments. I’m a Nintendo guy from the original NES to the Wii U, but honestly bought the 360 because of the sports titles and COD games. I never stopped loving Mario and crew, Zelda, and the other Nintendo franchises, but their editions of the COD and EA or 2K franchises were sub par.

    With the Wii U we get that HD experience along with more great titles from Nintendo’s line of games. There are more mature games coming to the console and for that I am grateful, but that is not the reason I bought the console. I like Nintendo and supporting them, and I will stick by them till the end. However, I do hope more third party titles will be released on the Wii U, but if not it’s not going to change my mind about buying one of the other systems. It’s not gonna happen.

    I agree that Nintendo needs games like Minecraft, but it’s exclusively on PC and the 360 for now. My family spends just as much time playing it as we do the major titles. Most of the games we play on the 360 are not exclusive titles. Halo was always boring for me, and the only reason we bought the 360 over the PS3 was price. I’ve enjoyed the 360 and will continue playing it, but most of my time is spent on the Wii U or 3DS.

    I’m not worried about the future for Nintendo. The fan base is still there and they are still making great games. As many have said, neither of the other systems have released yet, so we will see how things fare for them. Price wise, the Wii U can’t be beat. And out of the other two consoles, I would have to choose the PS4 over the XBOX One, but neither are offering any incentive for me to shell out that much money.

    I do hope that COD Ghosts gets released for the Wii U as I have enjoyed playing online with BO2. A smaller community but you get to know the gamers more and I always know when those guys or gals are on that will be a challenge for me because I recognize the names.

    I have no complaints. I play my Wii U everyday and don’t regret the purchase what so ever. I have list of games in my Amazon wishlist that I am just dying to play and so I will continue paying the money to support the big N!

    I disregard the hoopla over the other two systems until they are released and actually give people a hands on experience. Just remember all the bugs that plagued both the PS4 and the 360 when they were first launched. Will that happen again?

    Other than a few updates (okay, the initial update was ridiculously long to download)my Wii U has had no trouble at all.

    I think it is a great console and I stand by it and highly recommend it. I also am a huge fan of infendo too!

  33. All else aside, how can one claim the Wii U is far cheaper? $50 is far cheaper? That’s one game.

    I think the last comment was most telling. In it was this line:
    “When my sons are playing the 360…”

    And thus the problem. Nintendo is losing an entire generation of gamers. It’s catching up with them. If I look at my FB timeline right now, I see lots of people discussing NCAA 2014.

    We can all be fanboys, sit on our hands and say the console will “probably” start selling one day, or we can demand better from Nintendo. We need to demand better. Iwata might be a nice guy, but he’s simply not delivering.

  34. The Wii U is a full $100 cheaper than the PS4, and $200 cheaper than the Xbox One. Three digits — yes, that is far cheaper.

    Both Iwata and Miyamoto have explained the problem in terms of sales and semi-lack of games time and time again, all with sound explanations and with them pretty fully owning up to it. They ran into some hurdles, and while it sucks for us, when they deliver, it will frankly be pretty awesome, if their consistently enjoyable first-party releases are anything to go by. Which they have been for over 20 years.

    The Wii U outsold the 360 and PS3 in their first four month periods, even with the obstacles like pricing, shoddy marketing, the not-so-mindblowing launch line up, and people simply not knowing Nintendo had a new console. It’s been out barely 7 months, so I’m fairly certain that hasn’t varied much. But, saying it will “probably” start selling is irrelevant, because it is selling, and outpacing certain other historically successful consoles.

  35. @Lou: The Deluxe Wii U is $50 cheaper than a PS4 AND includes one free game. That will make a difference this holiday season when more games are available for consumers.

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