Top 15 moments in SNES history


Light_World_-_Dark_WorldAccording to UGO:

15. Actraiser, Bloodpool
14. Pilotwings, Jetpack
13. NBA Jam, Super Dunk
12. Super Castlevania 4, Gold Level
11. Star Fox, Giant Face
10. Final Fight, Take that, Car
9.  Turtles in Time, Wild West
8. Super Mario Kart, Lightning Bolt
7. Chrono Trigger, Back to the Future
6. Super Mario World, Yoshi!
5. Final Fantasy II, Tellah Dies
4. Out of this World, Alien Tank
3. Super Mario RPG, Bowser Joins the Team
2. Zelda: A Link to the Past, First Time in Dark World
1. Super Metroid, Samus Saved

Agree? Disagree? What are your favorite SNES moments?


  1. I have to say, we thought we were almost finished with A Link To The Past and then WHAMMY – Dark World.

    Also, first time playing Street Fighter II was pretty sweet.

  2. Because I was so obtuse:
    Link to the Past – after being stumped for days, finding out you can pull the tongues on the statues to advance
    I fell out of my chair.

  3. How does Bloodpool in Actraiser classify as a moment?

  4. I think Actraiser as a whole qualifies as a “moment.”

  5. thats a pretty good list.

    i’m pretty sure i was stumped for a while as well in alttp and the solutions felt like a kick to the head. but i already knew to anticipate dark world, so that wasnt a big deal for me. kinda wish i hadnt known about it….

  6. I guess they didn’t play Earthbound?

  7. Yoshi’s Island, Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy

  8. Samus get saved… Classic…

  9. Zombies ate my neighbours: Giant baby

    Star Fox, Black Hole (aka evil face steroid)

    Mortal Kombat, Sub-Zero finishes

    Killer Instinct: ULTRA!!!! ultra… u..l..t..r..a..

    I seem to find these retrospective lists often become RPG heavy, and in multi-system lists they become PC heavy and handheld light.

  10. Have to say, I’m not too sure on about half of these listed moments. I’d have placed Star Fox’s Andross somewhere around 5 or 6, and even put the game’s Black Hole also on the list (that thing verged on being the 16-bit equivalent to Super Mario Bros.’ -1 water world). I’d have probably put the Mother Brain’s Final Form over Samus Being Saved, too. Always thought that was a way crazier reveal. And where’s Final Fantasy III(VI)’s Opera Scene?

  11. I take it you mean Final Fantasy IV for Tellah’s death? 😛
    Samus saved though, excellent scene, Samus being saved by her arch enemy… Very awesome, same goes for first time in the dark world! I can remember finishing the light world for the first time and thinking it was over, only for him to draw me into the dark world!!

  12. Where is the opera scene? That is easily a top 5 moment. No Chrono Trigger? This list gets a big thumbs down from me.

  13. Whoops, I see the Chrono Trigger now. Still feel like the list is crap.

  14. The fat fairy in Zelda.

  15. The intro to A Link to the past!

  16. I actually played and beaten the 15 entries, great moments indeed.

  17. SMW – Yoshi is a good call. Something from Zelda should be #1 IMO. Perhaps some of those boss fights. That game was just so damn incredible for its time.

  18. Earthbound – Final dungeon/endgame.

  19. SNES was terrible!!! i remember being a kid and i was smart enough to figure out that the SNES did not compare to the NES. The SNES did not compare to the NES…….Just my opinion

  20. Old School. No. Just … no.

  21. @Old School – What? The NES was great, but the SNES trumped it’s predecessor in every way imaginable – and had a great library of games to boot.

    My favorite Chrono Trigger moments include the trial sequence as well as Frog’s backstory cutscene. I nearly wept. Frog’s music is kickass.

    My favorite Super Mario World moment wasn’t Yoshi, but getting the yellow cape and learning how to fly with it.

    The first time seeing blood fly out of someone’s body during a fatality on Mortal Kombat II was pretty awesome, considering the controversy caused by the tamed-down first version on SNES.

    Executing the feather jump short cut for the first time on Ghost Valley 1 in Mario Kart was great – because the shortcut was so obvious from the beginning, yet it took some time before you could time it right.

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