Morning note: No turning back now (snap react to NPD numbers)

Memo to third party developers: The Wii install base is officially “there” now. Critical mass achieved. You ignore the system and its portable cousin at your own peril.

Those of your who continue to phone it in with lazy tripe will go away in 2009. Those of you who understand that in this day and age innovative controls and strong art style are going to trump glossy visuals and hand-holding epic stories, both for budgetary reasons and cultural reasons, will cash in something fierce.

Seriously, there are inklings some of you understand how to make a great game for this system.

The first one to go all the way, so to speak, will make millions. And isn’t that the point?

P.S. — Wii Music was back on the overall top ten software sales list in November. I hate being right all the time (though I’m still not buying it).