When does gaming make you say wow?

As I was playing Wii Sports today getting in a little bowling action, I thought back to November 2006 when Wii was the hot new thing. Can you believe that it has been nearly 5 years since Nintendo unleashed motion controls onto the masses? The idea was so revolutionary that The Revolution was how we all came to know Wii….before Nintendo turned their console into a wiener joke of course. I kid.

Booting up Wii for the first time, before even popping in a game I was amazed just by watching my hand cursor rotate in tune with the movement of my hand. In short, it was amazing. It was a moment in gaming where you had to sit back and think about how far the industry has come. A moment of ‘wow.’

My first ‘wow’ moment in gaming came courtesy of Nintendo in 2000. The place was Space World, a Nintendo run trade show where Nintendo showed its latest and greatest. It was a short 11 second video and wasn’t even gameplay, but when Link and Ganondorf faced off, I knew that the next generation of gaming was going to be huge!


Interestingly enough, the demo shown never came to be because Nintendo had other things in mind for Link and Celda Zelda.

Now we arrive at e3 2011 and Nintendo is trying to do it again. Leave it to everyones favorite Japanese company to give gamers what they didn’t even know they wanted. There have been crazy rumors of touch screen controllers, HD visuals, and maybe even BluRay support (which I seriously doubt). Will all, if any, of these rumors come to fruition? Who knows! The only thing for certain is that when June 7th rolls around Nintendo will have gamers everywhere saying ‘wow’ once again.

What moments in gaming have made you stop and say ‘wow’!

Eugene lives in New Mexico and has been a life long gamer since getting his hands on an NES. Always partial to Nintendo, Eugene has made it a point to keep informed on all things Mario.