GameStop drops anti-social vibe for casual comfort

Well would you look at the new GameStop! Gone are the particle board counter tops stuffed to the brim with strategy guides, up-sell tchotchke trinkets and fast food stains from the workers’ lunch hour.

In their place? Hard wood floors, comfortable seating and ample lighting. Nintendo products will no doubt remain in their prime front-of-store position.

And that’s fitting too, considering these pics look like any number of Wii and DS kiosks I’ve seen at the malls during my holiday shopping.

Specifics from NeoGAF:

First off, it’s three times as large as a standard Gamestop, with two separate wood-inlaid counters and high-quality flooring. There were no less than EIGHTEEN separate demo kiosks around the store, including a giant custom kiosk for Guitar Hero: World Tour. They were even demoing Valkyria Chronicles(!). Also littering the outer walls, amongst the games, stood high-definition touch-screen displays that you could browse the store catalog (picture D), as well as manually search for any title to check for a game description, price (both new and used), and whether or not the game is currently in-stock. Both these touchscreen displays and several of the kiosks feature those high-quality audio cone things mounted above. Also, thanks to these displays, I found out Prince of Persia is selling for $40 new due to some Amazon price drop. Awesome. I bought it.

This is apparently a prototype store; possibly one of only a few in the entire U.S. It sure beats the hell out of the 4×6 closet that the GameStop currently takes up at the Natick Mall here in MA. Seriously, I have to TOUCH other people when I go there.