Steady sales help Boom Blox beat anti-hype

Boom Blox failed the midterm, but it just might pass the final.

Sales tracking Web site VGChartz is reporting Boom Blox, Electronic Arts’ critically acclaimed Wii exclusive, has sold approximately 250K copies worldwide in its first two months on store shelves.

The figures also suggest Boom Blox may have long legs at retail. It has sold no less than 11,000 copies each week in North America, a clear indication of David’s influence on the general populous.

Boom Blox’s steady eight-week worldwide figures are shown above relative to those of Zack and Wiki and Carnival Games, the minigame collection that eventually slow-cooked 1.7 million sales worldwide.

Boom Blox was released in North America and Europe this May. It is scheduled to hit Japanese shores July 17.