Boom Blox sequel blasts Friend Codes to smithereens


Quick update about this week’s Boom Blox Blast Party announcement from EA: No Friend Codes.

Share your creations and destroy them with friends without Nintendo’s overprotective Friend Code system, according to an interview at MTV Multiplayer.


  1. Thank (insert your preferred deity here).

  2. Oh, and I feel like I need to say “first post” or I will have violated some supreme law of teh internets.

  3. i knew you could do it, Spielberg.

    you’re the man, man.

  4. ni suprise coming from ea
    I mean… they did it with medal of honor
    and now this… a very casual game ditches fCs

    now just waiting for everything else to follow suit…
    ivstill could care less if they go or stay tho

  5. progress!

  6. I sure hope this is a trend for the future, but somehow I doubt it.

  7. Head tracking or nothing!

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