New DS to feature smaller size, no GBA slot, reduced price?

Meh. More DS rumors. I’ll just do a quick recap post, since the E3 presser is coming later today.

  • Smaller size
  • $100 cheaper Correction: The accurate info is “sub-$100” DS ($99, if Nintendo’s track record holds up)
  • No GBA slot
  • Tllt, motion sensitivity
  • Motion sensitive carts
  • Activision motion peripheral
  • Tony Hawk DS title uses Activision peripheral

I’ll take wild, rampant speculation and rumor for $500, Alex.

UPDATE: Added correction. And, like I said before, this is indicative of Nintendo recognizing a threat to its handheld business, and changing strategy accordingly. If it’s a full-blown redesign, you can bet they saw the iPhone 3G and Apple’s App Store coming a mile away. Good on them. Also, Joystiq makes a good point, saying that if Activision and Nintendo are creating a motion sensing peripheral, it bodes well for a new DS, because future games would require motion, and they wouldn’t want existing DS Lite owners left out in the cold.