Who’s ready for Super Mario Galaxy?!


Mario Zero G

I should think that, in a year’s time, we’ll look back on the launch of Super Mario Galaxy as the true beginning of the Wii’s rise to dominance. Sure, it’s got the hardware numbers, and has three top 10 software titles right now, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. To kick off the SMG coverage that’s sure to inundate the Net over the next few weeks, GameDaily has some picks of Mario going zero-G.


  1. I have not been this excited since the release of the Wii and Twilight Princess.

  2. I was ready and i was impressed to the extreme. IMo ive had it for over a week and its the best game ive ever played.

  3. This will be a super game.
    But the Wii has aleady risen to power, this game might just keep it there .

  4. I’m not anticipating this game that much right now, I’m way too enthused about Zac & Wiki to play anything else. I love Z-Dub!

  5. I played it at GameStop last night and I can’t stop thinking about it!

  6. I have been waiting for this since Mario 64. Sunshine although fun was a HUGE let down for the series, I hate those Piantas! I want the mushroom kingdom back!

    OOOOOOOOO Bowser…you have been PONED!!! Now who’s got the air ship mofo, Mario is above your head now!

  7. That guy on the right is TOTALLY going for Mario’s crotch.

    But yeah, I can’t wait. Today I’m going to Rogers to pick up a display stand my friend got for me.

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