More Super Mario Galaxy info revealed in Nintendo Power

Mario Galaxy storyRelax, this is by no means a spoiler — but it’s not as if Mario game plotlines are all that hard to figure out to begin with, right? Mario, save princess, fight Bowser. W00t! (Note: Mario does not say “w00t,” nor should anyone else. It’s ridiculous.)

Nintendo Power (via WiiPals):

“Every hundred years a comet passes over the Mushroom Kingdom and rains down magical stars and stardust. As Princess Peach and the citizens of the kingdom are celebrating the centennial event, Bowser and his legions attack. Mario attemps to put a stop to Bowser’s shenanigans, but things go awry: the next thing he knows, he finds himself on a mysterious moon high above the Mushroom Kingdom.”

Then everyone dons black Nike sneakers and track suits and commits suicide. No no, that’s not right. I’m confusing crazy zealots with Mario characters again. It’s the fanboys, you see, they confuse me with their wacky ways.

More Mario info: The game will have 120 stars. 40 Galaxies to Explore. 6 Major Regions.

Power-ups include: Super Mushroom (health to max), Invincibility Star, Fire Flower, Bee Mario suit, Boo Mario suit.