Eurogamer lauds Mario Galaxy in early preview


From the preview: When Shigeru Miyamoto suggested this week that games should be fun, it was easy to snigger and accuse him of stating the obvious. But Super Mario Galaxy proves his point to perfection: it’s amazingly, dizzyingly, idiotically fun, in a way few games are these days. We’re not going to call it a classic Mario yet – we simply haven’t seen enough of the game to make that call… but we are going to predict that it will plaster millions of big smiles on millions of faces come November.

I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a Mario game. I was one of the naysayers on last year’s New Super Mario Bros. for DS (and was admitingly wrong cause it’s a pleasant game!). Having tasted the Galaxy goods at E3 this year, I’m overjoyed ’cause Galaxy is crazy! CRAZY I tell ya.