Belgian mag gives Super Mario Galaxy a 9.2 — and it wasn’t me

Super Mario GalaxyBefore you start yappin’, I was not in Belgium this weekend. I wasn’t even on the Internet and I certainly haven’t started blogging or writing for any Belgian video game sites. That said, what the magazine Gunk did recently is so positively me that I had to stop, admire it, and then fire off a pithy post to spread the word.

What Gunk did, basically, was fake a review of Super Mario Galaxy.


“It is 100 percent not a review”, a Nintendo spokesman told us, who went on to confirm that “no one in the world will have access to final game code until October 10 at the earliest.”

A cheap ploy for some attention? Sure it was, and the score was too low. Galaxy will be the first game to get an 11.0 in the history of game reviews (/sarcasm). It was a cheap trick, but it also did something else. We now know that someone, somewhere out there will have their lucky (yet grubby) little hands on Galaxy by October 10. My bet? IGN’s Matt C. Unless Perrin Kaplan resigns before then. If that’s the case he’s out of luck. Infendo would gladly take up the slack.

4 Responses to Belgian mag gives Super Mario Galaxy a 9.2 — and it wasn’t me

  1. sakuragi says:

    No, this review is fake because Mario Galaxy will only get perfect scores :D.

  2. ResidentialEvil says:

    Personally I’m a bit surprised at the “lack” of buzz for Galaxy, at least my perspective it is. To me the excitement for Brawl is dwarfing it, and me personally I’m much more looking forward to Galaxy.

  3. BlockSS says:

    This is false SMG is not completed yet and I read somewhere else that they reviewed the game by just looking at it …my question is how can you jugde a game by looking at it ?

    I call this BS.

  4. Clonester says:

    It better get an 11/10. I’m so hyped up for this game.

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