screenshot_223331_thumb300The last remaining qualm I may have had with this game just went away like a smashed Goomba.

[L]et’s make one thing clear: NSMBW is absolutely brilliant in single-player. While trailers and on-stage demonstrations focused on the game’s new multiplayer element, this is a single-player Mario game in exactly the same vein as its classic predecessors, only with the option to slap three more players on the screen.

There’s no necessity to ever play it with other people – you can still collect every coin and explore every area of the main quest without the help of others, and we were pleased to find that the level design didn’t seem to be affected by the inclusion of a four-player option either.

From one of the first reviews I’ve seen for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, over at Computer and Video Games. This holiday is going to be fun.