Video game reviewers give NSMBW their highest Nintendo rating: 8.0

new-super-mario-bros-wii-screenshotVideo game journalists and reviewers were unabashedly blown away by New Super Mario Bros. Wii this week, and rewarded the recently released Nintendo title with their highest honor for Nintendo titles: The coveted “8.0 (decent)”

The reviews were legion for this highly anticipated title, but all seemed to share an unbridled enthusiasm for this, the first side-scrolling Mario title to grace a Nintendo console in more than a decade.

“Nintendo should damn proud of this quirky 4-player affair,” said Elite Players Extreme to the Maxx Monthly editor Shades McBloodsport. “8.0 is the highest rating attainable for a Nintendo product in our publication. Even so, giving this title recognition and a perfect 8.0 was an easy decision. The game is absolutely flawless,” he said, adding “for a Nintendo game.”


  1. You forgot to add how 2D is automatically inferior to 3D, and local multiplayer is automatically inferior to online multiplayer. These things are truth…

    …on the internet.

  2. Link? I wanna read this for myself! 🙂

  3. @Zac, there is no link, because this is a fake news post.

  4. i dont get it? haha

  5. I was going “WHAAAAT??” for a second, then started laughing…

    Good one, IWS!

  6. While the source may be fabricated, the sentiment is all too real.

  7. And textures made up of brown and gray tones are superior to colorful ones.

  8. From IGN: “I really, really like New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I have no qualms with saying this is a far better game than the Nintendo DS version, and it could easily be the finest Super Mario Bros. 2D platformer Nintendo’s ever created.”
    Let’s look at their review scores shall we?
    Super Mario Bros.: 9.0
    Super Mario Bros. 2: 8.5
    Super Mario Bros. 3: 9.5
    Super Mario World: 8.5
    New Super Mario Bros.: 9.5
    And finally, New Super Mario Bros. Wii: 8.9
    Now who wants to play a rousing game of “Spot the Contradiction!”?

  9. Huhuh, too funny.

  10. That’s why I always use quotes when referring to game “journalists”.

  11. I had the chance to play some multiplayer and single player at a friends house and it was an absolute blast! I will pick this title up before Christmas for sure.
    Game Informer scored it 93 % & The meta review for the title at meta critique, thus far, is 87% !!

    Pretty darn good score , especially when you take away the stupidly low scores of some of the ” hardcore” magazines and sites. However, we also need to take away the ridiculously hight scores of the stupid fanBoy sites as well, who are EQUALLY biased. When we do this, it looks like the meta review score of just under 90% seems pretty true.

    BOTTOM LINE —- Don’t believe the ” hardcore” websites, and magazines that score this title in the 7’s.Its WAY better than that score. ALSO, don’t believe the N FanBOY sites that are giving it scores in the high 9s, either.

    From what I have played of single and multiplayer at a friends house, and what I have seen of it and read about it, it truly deserves the mid to high 8s score that is averaging around the web.

    Hardcore guys- put that in your pipe and smoke it!!
    Mario FanBOYS- get over it, its not a perfect game. You DONT need to post sarcastic silly posts on blogs to compensate for its “non perfectness”, really you dont. it IS very good , just not perfect.

  12. @Mark
    Super Mario World: 8.5
    Not higher than the previous 3? Really?

  13. Yes. The entire industry hates Nintendo. It’s not like they’re reviewing the game fairly. I mean come on. It’s not like the game lacks online play or resemble the DS version released five years ago. Anything less than a ten is certainly unfair.

  14. @LookItsLink: Yup. Just double checked IGN and they scored it an 8.5 Weird, huh? You’d think it’d at least beat out the original Super Mario Bros.

  15. Haha good job Nintendo! I stopped caring how reviewers rated games a while ago. The formula seems like if it’s colored brown and gray, has multiplayer and hyped it’ll get a high 9 for a score. However, no matter what Nintendo does (or even Sega’s family games) they continue to score lower.

    It’s pretty funny because Nintendo’s games and consoles continue to be the best selling of this generation (and probably all time). If review score doesn’t reflect sales do the reviewers get the feeling they no longer matter, forcing them to score Nintendo games lower creating some kind of negative feedback loop?

    I really wish there was a mainstream site that actually was a complete 180 from the reviewers out there. Sites that gave family friendly games high scores while calling out clone-FPSes for what they really are, while maintaining some kind of cool factor.

  16. Over at Games Radar, they scored the game a 70 out of 100. Here is a quote from their review. “Nintendo saved the industry with games like this, so we’re sad to say the latest lacks the imaginative spark found in past entries. Easily the weakest of the 2D Marios, but even the worst Mario is better than most other.”

    What do you think?

  17. Thank you Wii Wii for that unbiased and fair idea you presented. Refreshing, as around here it is common to swallow Nintendo whole, and bite off pieces of others successes and criticize to no end.

  18. I feel like game reviews have reached an awkward point. The highest rated games are not necessarily the most original or perfected, but additionally what the consumers purchase the most is not this either. So how can we objectively decide which games are the best?

    I guess we’ll have to read reviews for substance (information about game play and pros and cons) rather than a number, and consult multiple sources. I know this will require more than looking at sales numbers or review scores, but we may all be happier in the end.

  19. NSMBW lacks the imagination and ambition titles like Mario 3 and Mario World had. This is just more of the same. That is what I think.

  20. I’ve stopped reading game sites that are so far up their own asses that they are starting to see light at the other end. I think the problem is that the majority of game reviewers are early 20 somethings who are trying to get enough page clicks to move out of their parents basements. They know that giving modern warfare 2 a 98% rating will draw in teen males in search of evidence of their gaming holly grail and they give NSMBW a 70% because they think Nintendo “fanboys” will come and try defend their game to the bitter end. I’v decided to not waste my time on them, or dignify their reviews with a single click, and you shouldn’t either.
    These people remind me of the Sega fanboys from the SegaCD era. There was no way you could convince them that there system was worse then the SNES. “It plays FMV! Does the sucknes play FMV?” would be their argument, does that sound familiar at all?

  21. haha

    bitter much?

  22. @deepthought: Never!

  23. @ deeothought
    I think you meant to say “Butt hurt”. Us Nintendo gamers can’t stand when those two words are placed side by side. If you were trying to offend you missed the mark, but good luke next time. 🙂

  24. Lol, I can’t type 😀

  25. First of all, great “news” report. Laughed through. Second one from you guys in the last couple of days. Keep them coming. We all need some laughs now and then. Too bad some people in here have no sense of humor.

    In all seriousness though, I do think there is medium road between both sides of this coin. Are there sites out there that automatically knock a point of a scale of 10 when reviewing a Wii game? Probably. On the flip side, do Nintendo fans think those same sites are knocking 2 points out of 10 automatically for a Wii game? Yeah, probably.

    I haven’t played NSMBW enough to give it a true rating, but all I know is that I played it with my fiance last night, and she was laughing and giggling through the first world. When I was able to stand in the corner and let her beat Iggy to finish off the first world, and she was so happy she beat a boss herself, the game already has at least a 9 in my book. COD: MW 2 can’t replicate that.

  26. @ XCwarrior
    But can you call Iggy a fag?

  27. HAhaha this is great. It’s too bad it’s so true…

  28. If we all collectively ignore the ‘ratings’, maybe they’ll go away, slowly. I don’t even bother with numbers. It’s kind of like the Academy Awards, I still will NEVER watch Driving Miss Daisy, Million Dollar Baby or The English Patient. Only a few are even worth the rental.

    BOTTOM LINE: I purchase/play what I like. I don’t care what others have said.

  29. Yeah, same old 2D Mario Nintendo has been pumping out, year after year, for the past two decades…

    And, Million Dollar Baby is a great movie.

  30. @ rdaneel72

    It’s been over a decade since Nintendo put out a 2d Mario game on console. I think you’re thinking of Activision, you know with their year after year same old COD games that they’ve been pumping out since I first boinked your mother.

    Citizen Kane, Citizen Kane, it’s Citizen Kane!

  31. I’ve played about half of it. It is rather weird for a site to say that it’s the best 2D Mario game ever and then rate it lower than half of them, but I do think that between an 8 and 9 is a fair score.

    The IWS post is hilarious, though!

  32. Just remember: Reviews are Opinions. I don’t think there is a vast antinintendo conspiracy afoot. I don’t think *any* game deserves a 10 honestly; 8.9/9/whatever for a game is fine. Then again I think games shouldn’t be rated with a number/stars or whatever and more of a “I Liked this game” or “I didn’t like it” type of review. Cause it’s an opinion…

    I am working through my Games to Buy for the Wii. I have Animal Crossing Wii (Another game most review sites poopoo’d), Zelda Wii, Super Smash Bros Brawl, and a whole host of Gamecube games. Now I need NSMBW to add to that…

  33. @ Warren
    true, I don’t think there are more then ten games in existence that deserve a perfect score. As for Animal Crossing most reviewers poopoo’d it because it is very much like the GameCube game. This is the same argument that many reviewers are pulling out for NSMBW, that it’s like the Mario games that came before it. What you will never see though is a review for MW2 that gives it a 7/10 because it’s derivative of it’s predecessor. Instead it will be hailed for tightening up issues the original game had.

    ps. Mass stupidity is not necessarily a conspiracy.

  34. @ Chris_wing

    not trying to offend. i was teasing the about the article’s implicit complaint.

    in satire, there’s no harm being bitter.

  35. @Chris Wing
    I was also being facetious. You seem to have trouble identifying satire. I will try to use smaller words and less complcated context to accomodate you in the future.

    Perhaps you will be better equiped to participate in this discussion once you have outgrown the urge to insult people’s mothers annonymously online, Douchebag.

  36. @rdaneel72
    thanks, that will help. And I didn’t insult your mother, she was goooood.