Mario Collection at the Nintendo World Store

Nintendo World recently decked out their store to be all about Mario due to the release of New Super Mario Bros Wii. They found and showcased some of the rarest, oddest products ever to be released under the Mario name.


Mario Bros. Game and Watch.

Standalone portable game availible in the 1980s, the game and watch series was a predecessor to the more complex handheld video game system such as the Game Boy. This Game and Watch system features an original game starring Mario and Luigi with a unique dual screen presentation.


Super Mario Bros.

Originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment system in 1986, the game Super Mario Bros debuted many of the trademarked characters, gameplay elements, and themes of the series that are still in place today. Featuring eight worlds of side-scrolling platformer gameplay, the game introduced Bowser, Princess Peach, Toad, Koopa Troopas and Goombas among other Super Mario Bros. mainstays. In the late 1980s, Super Mario Bros. was included with the game Duck Hunt with the Nintendo Entertainment System Hardware.


Super Mario Bros. 2, the game that was doki doki panic in japan and just got re-skinned for the US audience.


That’s a really trippy Mario sweater, would any of you wear this today?


Thermos’s use to be all the rage back in the day, I wonder if this one still smells like milk.


I’ve never even heard of this, but you could use pre made stamps to create a flip book animation of Mario and position his limbs.


The good old Super Mario Bros show, so many memories about this one. R.I.P. Captain Lou.


Super Mario Bros. Chess is a rather new addition to the tons of Mario merchandice availible. I still think they could of made the pieces a little more iconic, coins as pawns? why not toads!


Super Mario Bros bath products!! This was awesome back in the day, I remember actually using this as a kid.


Good old Nintendo Power stuff.


Super Mario Bros 2 Thermos. Check out Wart who kind of looks like King Koopa (Bowser) over there.


Creepy Mario Costume on display…


An even creepier Luigi costume.

[ via MTV]

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