Want a free Pokemon?

Still trying to catch them all? Yeah, so am I. Even though my DS now has a 3 in front of it, I can’t help but pop in my copy of Pokemon Black to continue my creature catching adventure. To gear up for the launch of the Pokemon Global Link (and perhaps as a sorry to fans for delaying it), Nintendo has announced that they will be giving away a free Eevee evolution Pokemon to all that play an online game on Pokemon.com.

The game titled “Play to Befriend a Pokemon” is your basic brick-breaking game, but is well worth your time investment. Once the game is completed, one of Eevee’s seven evolutions will be unlocked for you when the Pokemon Global Link finally launches this spring.

Be sure to sign up and log in if you wish to take advantage of this free Pokemon offer, and don’t forget to stop by our friend code thread if you want to trade and battle with your fellow Infendo readers and staff.

Which Eevee evolution would you put in your starting six?

8 Responses to Want a free Pokemon?

  1. ishmoo21 says:

    pokemon.com is under construction for me

  2. nin says:

    i seriously hope that means the dreamworld will be here by the end of next week, some of my strategies are reliant on those dream world abilities

  3. Eugene says:

    For me now as well. Hopefully the the March bandwidth bill will be payed soon…..I kid.

  4. John from Leicester, United Kingdom says:

    “Free” my ass. I’ve just lost 20 years of my life trying to beat this P.O.S game, I finally do it on my 5000th attempt, and it doesn’t let me Choose which Pokemon I want (which it says so in the rules; “after choosing which Pokemon you want…”, it picks one for you; via how many of the bonus orbs you pick up (each are assigned an elemental type – thus resulting in the pokemon), and so I must’ve picked up more electric types than any because it said choose Jolteon or Start Again >_< Doesn't state that in the rules, only AFTER you beat this ridiculous game.

    Also, I'm after an Espeon – and the purple orbs don't appear until stage 3 of 4..by which point you'll have inevitably picked up about 15 Fire orbs…and it's no easy feat dodging all the orbs you don't want whilst still trying to hit the ball.

  5. John from Leicester, United Kingdom says:

    Bottom line; it isn’t worth the frustration you’ll no doubt suffer due to this addictive-yet-garbage excuse of a ‘game’. Just finish Black and White’s main story and transfer one over from a previous entry…

  6. Kyle says:

    It’s not that hard guys. I did it in a few attempts and got the Leafeon I was after.

  7. srkelley says:

    Ugh, you like Leafeon…


    Thanks for the post, I’m going after an Espeon. Also, everyone should be sure to conenct to the GTS by the fifth so that you can get your Victini. Just got mine today, it’s so hard not to kill it, make sure you bring something very weak to not off it.

  8. Carlie says:

    There’s going to be a Pokemon Grey and a new Pokemon!!!!


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