Update: Darkrai Contest Winner!

Darkrai Contest

About a week or so ago I was running a contest for a Pokémon that was only available at Toys R Us for a limited time. I happened to have got my hands on two of them since I had a copy of Both Diamond and Pearl.

The contest was simple tell me your dreams Nightmares and win that Pokémon. For all the people who posted their nightmares I have to say it was really a tough choice to pick a winner, and it caused me some nightmares as well. Anyway, the winner is someone who has terrible dreams involving school… and that person is Roxxor!

I would like to thank everyone who participated in sharing your nightmares with me for a chance to win a Pokémon who dwells within them. If anyone is interested in reading the Winner’s nightmare hit the jump.

I haven’t really had too many nightmares, but this one really scared me when I had it. You might not get why it scared me so much, because you don’t know the people in my dream. It takes place in my middle school (I had it 6th grade). One person was my assistant principal (with a huge bird-like nose) who enforces unfair rules, and the other was my 6th grade teacher (extremely old), which hates kids with a passion. My teacher would punish the whole class for no reason multiple times. The whole class hated her. Now to the nightmare”¦ The class is doing math. She asks me to come up and work the problem on the board. I had it right, but she disagreed. I knew I was right too. We got in a huge arguement, and I obviously lost and was sent to the principle’s office. (Remember I’m one of those kids who have never been sent to the principal’s for negative reasons.) I was shaking as my teacher calmly, but with that evil grin, walked me to the office. I felt trapped, and I didn’t know what to do. I was panicking, and I couldn’t run away. I had lost the ability to control where I walked. I finally got to the assistant principal’s desk. (I don’t know why I was taken to her instead of the normal principal.) Both of them looked at me. My teacher told the assistant principal what had happened, except she was putting total lies with it. I tried to defend myself, but they ignored me. Finally my assistant principal got up with a menacing look. She started glaring at me as I started to cry. I was so scared and didn’t know what to do. Then I woke up scared. My heart was pounding, and I had to tell myself that it wasn’t real several times. I was very wary through the next day of school. I’m so glad I’m in high school now!

Congratulations Roxxor, I hope you cause some nightmares of your own when you own up your foes with your new Darkrai.

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