Treyarch: CoD 5 Wii uses CoD 4 engine

cod5.jpgGoNintendo is reporting today first details on the Wii version of Call of Duty 5, as revealed in the latest issue of UK-based gamesâ„¢ magazine.

From CoD 5 developer Treyarch:

“…The Wii version is being developed here at Treyarch. It is a separate team from the next-gen team, but it is on-site. If you’re going to compare the (PS3/360) version and the Wii version side-by-side, then you’re going to find that it’s a much closer comparison than, I think, any other Wii game currently on the market.

“Yeah, the challenge with this one was ”˜how do we make a cutting edge next-gen game work on the Wii?’. The answer is a lot of frickin’ smart engineers who’ve shipped Wii titles in the past. Getting the Call of Duty 4 engine on Wii was our first challenge – which we’ve managed to do and it looks great – but there are also content and design challenges…”

Treyarch is using the CoD 4 engine for all next-gen versions of CoD 5, including the Wii version. CoD5 also features multi-player co-op, a first for Call of Duty, “scarier” enemies and Zapper support for Wii.

Activision shipped a Wii version of CoD 3 alongside Wii in Nov. 2006, but did not bring last year’s critical and commercial smash CoD 4 to Wii. CoD 5 will release on all platforms, Wii included, later this year.