“Window of Opportunity” now open for third parties on Wii, DS

More evidence today that Nintendo’s allegedly sour press conference and subsequent lack of games in the remainder of 2008 is, as the Joker says, all part of the plan.

“I think Nintendo may be giving the software publishers a window of opportunity, probably a few quarters, where third-party games may be higher profile in stores. I also think part of it may be simply where we are in the development cycle for Nintendo first-party titles.” – Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian

More at Edge. There’s comments from third party developers who smell some blood in there, too.

This makes sense if you consider the mountain of money Nintendo sits on today, and goes hand-in-hand with previous Reggie comments about encouraging third party development on Nintendo systems. Of course, come early next year, with the arrival of Wii Sports Resort, MotionPlus and possibly Pikmin 3, all bets are off. It’s all about the money, in the end 😉